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The Walking Dead - Review and Opinion

Updated on March 6, 2013

Why are we so obsessed?

I know there's been a lot of talk about zombies lately and to many of us, it's very disturbing. Why is it that our culture today is so obsessed with flesh-eating dead people that perish only by incurring raunchy physical damage to the brain?

Well, I've read a couple different analyses over the internet in the last few days. One of them stated that most of us have a human need to decide what we would do in the wake of a tragedy such as the Apocalypse. Some people seem to think that there will be a disease that aids in the wipeout of the human race. So that fits into the zombie persona because they're typically ill-looking, flesh-eaten human beings. Many of us seem to be obsessed with the end of the world and how we would defend and sustain ourselves and our families during such desparate times.

And of course movies like Night Of The Living Dead which debuted in the late 60's, made us fall in love with the disgusting beings. In modern day cinema there are movies such as 28 Days, Shaun of The Dead, Zombieland, and television shows such as The Walking Dead. These movies and tv shows leave us in a fantasy world which we enjoy to escape from reality. It also leaves us in a state of expected reality which is the newfound popular subject, the end of the world.


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This show is killer:

So, my review of the show is basic. It is creepy, disgusting, and disturbing, but completely awesome!! I never used to fall for the hype of the zombies. I thought they were gross and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. I've been hearing my friends and the media talk about this show The Walking Dead for a couple of years now. A couple of nights ago my boyfriend and I were at a loss for something good to watch so we chose something that we'd never seen and something that everyone had been raving about. The Walking Dead.

We caught the second half of the newest episode and were left wondering how the story and characters and gotten to that point. There were two men; one white, one black, a child, and one black woman staying in some sort of run-down building. The woman helped the boy ward off dozens of zombies in a deserted restaurant that held the last picture of his family together (him and his mother and father). The mother had apparently passed away and the father was the white man back at the run-down building. Zombies are attracted to noise and flesh so the woman and child diverted them with rats in cages for a bit, but then one of the zombies had let a rat loose and it was running towards them. Like I said, zombies like flesh so they were going after the rat. Once the boy and woman realize that the zombies were coming after them, she grabbed the sword she carried at her side and proceeded to stab the zombies through the head and her and the boy were able to get away. The boy was emotional to have finally gotten the last photo of his family.

That may not sound like much to you, and like I said I was very skeptical of the zombie thing myself, but we decided to pull up The Walking Dead on Netflix and we couldn't stop watching until we completed the entire first season. Not only that, we continued to talk about the show afterwards and my boyfriend even dreamt of fighting zombies that night, and loved it!

You must give this show an honest try, if you can handle some graphic violence and gore you will definitely love this show and be a true watcher until the end. The show isn't all about flesh and blood and guts, there is a story behind it of course. It really does show the power of humanity. Different people from all different races and walks of life relying on each other after the world stops. They must keep each other safe from the "walkers" and they stop at nothing to do so. These are people that may not have given each other the time of day in their normal lives because society is so bias and judgemental these days. The story behind this show describes what things should be like before an Apocolypse happens. We should be treating each other this way now and maybe the world wouldn't be so uptight. They help each other, support each other, protect and defend each other. It's very moving, actually. I give it a big, double thumbs up!


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    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Vicki, I understand where you're coming from with your opinions here but I have to say that first of all, I haven't watched TV, not even for 5 minutes in almost a year! I've watched a few DVD's but only a few in that time. I do not typically like television especially fiction, but for some reason I guess I enjoy this show alot. Yes it's gory and not real and it's not something children should be watching, but I'm an adult and I really enjoy it. It's the one show that I've seen in years, that just makes me happy. I know that sounds morbid and of course I'm not happy that it portrays a sadness due to the world ending and people eating each other's flesh, that part of it is of course fiction. But I do enjoy the background story to it. The fact that these are "real" people fighting for their lives. After all, if another country decides to attack us with biological/chemical warfare or bombs us, we could actually be facing some type of survival situations. I guess it resounds with me because of the scare that the media has been putting into people about war and us being attacked, 9/11, and the end of the world. And I have a soft spot for human beings I guess. The backdrop stories are interesting and could potentially be real-life situations. It's not all fluffy kittens and glitter, that's for sure, but I like it. If you're not into that type of thing then definitely you won't want to watch it:)

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      I will look more closely at my grammar and punctuation. Besides the run-on sentences, is there anything else you noticed? I'm quite rusty with this stuff but going back to college soon to brush up on my writing skills:) Thanks for your opinion Jim, always appreciated:)

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thanks Wildove!! I'm totally hooked on this show and I'm sure my opinion will change as I get further into the series, but I had to voice my initial opinion on it because I think it's just so cool:) Thanks for reading!

    • profile image

      Vickiw 4 years ago

      Hi Miss Jamie D, I have to say, I echo Jim's observations entirely with this Hub. I have not intention of watching this, because I like to focus on more positive things in life. I hope children don't watch this stuff, because I think it would give them quite a distorted view on people, and desentisize them to violence. But as Jim says, more power to you, if it is what you enjoy!

    • JimTxMiller profile image

      Jim Miller 4 years ago from Wichita Falls, Texas

      Call me old school. I still believe uplifting stories about what is right within humanity can be told without graphic gore and violence. Further, I get all the zombie stories I can stomach by watching the day-to-day non workings of the U.S. Congress. You wrote an honest review of a program you enjoy, and more power to you. I remain unsold.

      If I may offer a tip, strengthen your hub by proofreading more closely for grammar and punctuation. Avoid run-on, rambling sentence structure. Your personal voice comes through your writing quite well. Looking forward to your next offering.

    • wildove5 profile image

      wildove5 4 years ago from Cumberland, R.I.

      I have been watching " The Walking Dead " since it first aired, faithfully. I know you have only watched the first season and a portion of the most recent airing, but you may change your opinion after the next couple of seasons regarding people treating each other in the manner the characters did in the first season. I don't want to spoil anything for you, however, a great deal of paranoia and trust issues plague the individual societies that are struggling to survive. Both within their groups and with others they meet along the way. Other than that, you nailed it. The show is awesome! Great hub!