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The Walking Dead Season 2: Ep3: Did Shane Make the Right Decision? (SPOILERS)

Updated on October 30, 2011

The Walking Dead AMC Series (SPOILERS!)

The Walking Dead is an AMC original TV show. It's based off the comic book series "The Walking Dead." Some events will be similar to the comic book, but not all of them will be. Even if you read the comic book series of the "Walking Dead," you will still be in for some surprises on the TV show.

In Season 2 Episode 3 of the Walking Dead, Shane and Otis are still trying to get medical equipment for Rick's son Carl. Otis is responsible for shooting Rick's son in Episode 1 of the Walking Dead, however, it was an accident. Since Otis felt guilt for accidentally shooting Rick's son, he decides that he will help Shane recover the medical equipment needed to save Rick's son Carl.

Rick is with his wife Lori at the farmhouse watching over their son Carl. The doctor says they will need to make a decision to either operate on their son, or wait for Shane and Otis to return with a respirator. The doctor says he will likely not survive without a respirator.

Meanwhile, Shane and Otis are surrounded by a large horde of zombies. They have the medical equipment, but need to make their escape. Otis tells Shane they can escape through windows, but Otis himself will need to find a larger window to fit through because he is overweight.

Shane and Otis make a break for it, but in opposite directions. Most of the zombies go after Otis, but a few come after Shane. When Shane attempts to climb out of the window, and when he begins to hang from the window, a zombie attacks him. He shoots the zombie and falls from the window, hurting his ankle in the process.

Shane and Otis Meet up

Eventually, Shane and Otis meet up. Otis shoots a zombie behind Shane, saving his life. They begin to run away from the large horde of zombies. At one point, Shane looks at Otis, and says "sorry." Having only two pistol bullets left,Shane shoots Otis in the lower body and he falls. Shane beats on him for a few seconds and takes the bags of equipment.

Shane leaves Otis on the ground and the zombies begin feasting on his Otis's body..Could have Shane done this because he simply wanted to survive? Or did he do it because he was still angry that he shot Rick's son and saw a good opportunity to get him killed without the other survivors knowing?

On the other hand, maybe Shane just wanted to ensure that he would return with the medical equipment for Rick's son Carl. Hence the reason why he would shoot Otis - he would create a small diversion so the zombies would eat Otis.

It does not seem that Shane was planning to kill Otis, however. There was one scene in the Walking Dead where Shane told Otis to go on without him. At least in that regard, we can infer that Shane did not previously contemplate to kill Otis and leave him on the ground to get eaten by the walkers.

Why did Shane not just shoot Otis in the head, instead of having him suffer?

Let's say Shane did not contemplate to kill Otis. Perhaps he wanted to just stay alive and return with the medical equipment for Carl. Wouldn't he just have shot Otis in the head, saving him the torture of getting eaten by the horde of zombies?

At the end of the Walking Dead, Shane cuts off his hair and looks at himself in the mirror. When Shane was beating on Otis, Otis grabbed a piece of his hair. Shane probably cut his hair because he did not want the others gaining suspicion that he may have left Otis for dead. Shane of course, lied to Rick about Otis. Shane told Rick that he got killed when firing at the zombies.

Is Shane going crazy in the Walking Dead?

Could all the stress be causing Shane to be going crazy? Or will he just simply do what he needs to do to ensure the survival of the entire group?

There is a scene where Shane is looking at Lori and Carl with concern on his face. In season 1, there was some bonding with Shane and Carl. Lori, however, did not want Shane seeing Carl all the time because Shane told her that Rick was dead, when he actually survived. And Shane and Lori has sex with each other after the outbreak. Lori basically thought that Shane just said Rick died as an excuse to have sex with her, then it would not be cheating because Rick is dead. This, however, is not true because Shane thought Rick really did die in the hospital even though he did not.

There is a possibility that Shane thinks that he could be a "better father figure" for Carl, than Rick is. For example, would Rick have shot Otis to ensure that he returns to his son with the medical equipment? Rick's morals are not quite the same as Shane. Maybe Shane thinks that Rick does not have it in him to do what is needed to survive, even if it means killing someone. This is just a thought, however. It's hard to say what Shane is thinking. Is he a hero, villain, both, or neither?


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    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      The Guy at the CDC whispered in Ricks ear that everybody is all ready infected.

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      I had the same question after watching the last episode, but then someone told me it's become airborne. The last episode is going to be VERY interesting!

    • profile image

      hannah 6 years ago

      How did Shane become a zombie without getting bit or scratched......

    • profile image

      anthony 6 years ago

      i have a question. loved the latest show but im trying to figure out why the dead, shane and the boy for example, turned to zombies right after they died without ever being bitten or scratched??? help plz? ty. =)

    • profile image

      fan90 6 years ago

      shane is dead. I wonder what is going to happened the next Sunday. I can't wait to see it.

    • profile image

      soumentheanimater 6 years ago

      I love comic book serial and movies. Batman, Spider man,

      Iron man I like every man. Walking-Dead-Season is also interesting because of deadly Zombies.

    • profile image

      Ant 6 years ago

      I thought of the tree house idea too. Common sense, but just building th e thing would be a nightmare logistically, walkers usually don't anounce themselves. Shane did what he did with otis on a spur of the moment, and he d do it again. This part is clear.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      Too bad we cannot have discussions like this before anything bad happens and know who is who. Then I know who to NEVER turn my back on.

    • profile image

      ME 6 years ago

      Once again, no one can see the truth. Shane saved Lori and Carl 4 times. It was Shane who led the group out of Atlanta NOT RICK!!!!!!! Without Shane NOT 1 OF THEM WOULD BE ALIVE!!!!! Rick is a great guy, we all love Rick, but he is to weak for that world period!!!! I think he is starting to wakeup. Without Shane not even Rick would be alive. Shane closed the hospital door, then pushed the heavy bed next to the door. Then led the walkers to himself away from Rick. He believed Rick was dead, but did not want the walkers to eat him. This actually saved Ricks life. Rick never made any noise therefor the closed door and heavy bed saved him. Shane gave Rick his family back period!!!!! Shanes only real crime was falling inlove with Lori after he believed Rick was dead. Shane is still hurting over Lori rejecting him, and he still loves his lifelong friend Rick!!! Yes he gets angry at Rick. He had the gun on Rick simply because he believes Rick will die anyway because of his weakness. He didn't want his friend to become a walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he thinks he can protect Lori and Carl better than Rick. NOTICE HE NEVER SHOT HIM, HE. COULD HAVE SHOT HIM EASILY, YET HE STOPPED. Shane loves Rick, he loves him enough to stop him from becoming a walker. He believed Rick was going to get the group killed!!!! Remember Shane is the reason ALL OF THEM ARE ALIVE PERIOD!!!!! Without Shane, the group would be walkers. Shane shot Otis because he was to slow and both were about to die!!!! Shane put his life on the line for Carl. He even told Otis to GO ON WITHOUT HIM!!!!!! Remember Otis REFUSED, because yes he had a big heart. His heart was about to get them both KILLED!!!!!! SHANE GAVE OTIS A CHANCE TO TAKE THE PACKS BACK AND LIVE!!!!! SHANE TRIED TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR OTIS, OTIS REFUSED. Shane knew that Otis did not have it in him to leave him and thus SAVE CARL!!!! Shane did what had to be done to save Carl, "saveing Ricks family again!!!! Shane had no plans to kill Otis, he tried to go ALONE, Otis insisted on going with him. Otis shot Carl, or this would never have happened. OTIS HAD A WONDERFUL HEART, BUT THAT HEART WAS ABOUT TO KILL SHANE, HIMSELF AND CARL!!!!!!! How can people call Shane a bad guy????? Dale is just a jealous old guy who is to nosey, and really dose NOTHING!!! Still I do like Dale, I just believe he is wrong about Shane. Shane is thinking SURVIVAL not the nice thing to do, and in that world he is RIGHT!!!!!!!!! He shot Otis in the leg because the walkers don't go for dead things that don't move, like the canned ham. Also I believe he knew Otis was a man of faith and may have wanted to pray before he died. Shane did not have much time to think, he just reacted. Also just to be clear on the subject, Shane did not beat Otis to a pulp, he was trying to get the medical bag to save Carl, Otis was refusing to give it to him. Therefor you could say Otis heart of gold flew out the window lol. Poor old Otis knew he was about to die at that point and got SELFISH at the last second. Shane could have seen the walkers 5 feet away, and said oh well Carl I did my best and started running. YET HE RISKED HIS LIFE "AGAIN "AND STAYED TO WRESTLE FOR THE BAG THAT SAVED CARL'S LIFE, AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!! He also said I'M SORRY before he did what had to be done!!! Without Shane I believe even Herschel and his family would be dead eventually because of keeping those walkers. Its this simple, SHANE IS THE REASON ANYONE IS ALIVE PERIOD, yet most fans hate him, it makes no since to me!!! I am glad he beat Eds face in. He was a wife beating, child molester!!! Dale is one of the folks Shane has helped save. Dale is either jealous or feeling like a over protective father wich he is not!!! Dale needs to stop pushing Shanes buttons all the time. Shane could have killed Dale in the swamp, yet chose not to. Shane is the real HERO of this movie period. Sorry for the long post, I love this movie. I hope I reached a few fans in favor of Shane. WRITERS PLEASE DON'T KILL SHANE, without him Sofia would still be lost putting the group in great danger for looking for her everywhere instead of thinking how to keep the group safe!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I believe well built TREE HOUSES would be a great way to stay safe. The walkers don't seem to climb well. They could easily build houses in the tops of the highest trees with no low branches simply using ladders or nail temporary ladders up a tree in order to build. Then use rope ladders after that, THEN BINGO NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT WALKERS IN THERE SLEEP. If they come on the ground shoot them, problem solved. Or even well built, well hidden storm shelters or even both!!!!! I guarantee I could survive. Shane is the hero folks, I'm done. Sorry again for the long post, I just love this movie. I hope they add to this movie and let it go for a few years. JUST WISHING.:) ME

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      To not shoot poor Otis clean in the head, and leave him half alive for the zombies to chew on he must have either been going mad already, or just been very sick and sadistic.

    • profile image

      russ 6 years ago

      it seems like shooting Otis and beating on him just took up valuable time. that extra time would have allowed them to both escape. shane is a psycho.

    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      After "making a buck", the concept of the books- (AND TV series, as Kirkman still has a strong hand in it) -is to put the characters (most of all, Rick) through the "What are you willing to do in order to survive and keep those close-est(!) to you as safe as possible?" The situations and choices become darker and darker. And the social "inner circle" gets tighter and smaller.

      The obvious practicality of Shane shooting Otis is unquestionable, but Shane is going to have to live with the painful consequences of his choice...or maybe not live with it. We'll see.

      That's the point of the storyline. Moral ambiguity in an ever-nastier survival environment.

      And oh yeah-- the "hero talk" makes me shake my head. Ask any real life "hero"- odds are, (for the most part) the first thing he/she will say is: "I'm not a hero". They don't say this because it's charming; they really mean it. They may actually be "heroes", but not according to themselves.

      So is Shane a hero in this context? ...It depends on whose shoes you're wearing.

      It's a good story.

    • profile image

      Sergio 6 years ago

      Shane told rick whatever it takes hes coming back

    • Time Spiral profile image

      Time Spiral 6 years ago from Florida

      Shane is an extremely interesting character because he is flawed.

      It is so much easier to really like, or enjoy a flawed character than it is the "good" character, like Rick (even though we all love Rick).

      Shane shooting Otis in the leg was just a knee-jerk decision. He didn't have time to think. He just reacted (as he vaguely explained later).

      He has abandoned any type of "code" for the code of pure survival (something the rest of the idiotic team needs to do. That well scene, really?!). Now we are seeing a change in Rick who is leaning towards a similar path (he puts his uniform away).

      I almost wish I hadn't decided to review the entire season of Dexter, because I think writing WD reviews might be more fun. But, since they share a time slot, putting out timely, and quality content would be impossible.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago from Central USA

      My son loves this show. I have yet to see it.

      just not into zombies, but maybe I'll give it

      a shot since it seems a little different than what

      I may be thinking. Thanks for writing

    • profile image

      Vaktus 6 years ago

      The writers are obviously trying to make it VERY clear that Shane is a total asshole who we should all hate the most in this show.

      Having sex with Rick's wife, pretty much lying about Rick's death, nearly raping her, contemplating SHOOTING Rick and now killing poor dear Otis.

      Seriously, if he was doing for just reasons, to save Carl, he would have done the humane thing and shot Otis in the head. Rather than shooting him in the leg, beating him to a pulp and proceeding to leave him to the horrific death of being eaten alive by a horde of zombies.

      They obviously want us to hate his guts and are definitely planning to give him a very, very painful death.

    • profile image

      Abbas 6 years ago

      I think, Shane's decision was not right and he should have protected Otis in all condition, remember when Otis saved his life... Shane has gone crazy and much vulnerable for the crew at Farm. He is no more trustworthy, either he has to change himself or stay away from everyone.

    • profile image

      ShaneDilemma 6 years ago

      In the graphic novel, Shane is dead by now. But, since they didn't kill him in the show, he's still around to see Otis; the problem here is that Otis is still ALIVE in the graphic novel. So this is an entirely unpredictable situation, as the television writers have obviously taken an endless amount of liberties while adapting the original content. Shane may be losing it (like he did in the comic), or he may be the victim of being made into a villain, which would be a pretty big insult to his character.

    • KBEvolve profile image

      Kenneth Brown 6 years ago from United States

      I don't think it was the best decision, but few can rationally think and choose the best alternative when certain death is just a heartbeat away. The great thing about the show is that given the dire circumstances their steps and missteps are understandable in the context of human nature.

    • profile image

      jessie 6 years ago

      I totally think he made the right decision. Otis wouldn't have been able to make it back if Shane sacrificed himself, which would have meant the end for Carl too. I think he left Otis alive because his screams would have got the walkers attention, giving Shane even more of a chance of escaping. Pretty harsh but at the end of the day, its survival of the fittest, and they wouldn't have been in that situation if Carl hadn't been shot in the first place..

    • profile image

      Gee 6 years ago

      Come on...

      It was pretty clear they weren't gonna make it. The whole debate about the bullets makes this obvious.

      So the choice was die together or sacrifice one and live AND safe Carl. Otis would have never made this descision.

      Ofcoursem Shane could have just walk into the zombies, but he is someone who will do anything to survive, even if it means doing this...

    • profile image

      mamabee 6 years ago

      My husband and I got into a tiff after this episode - he says Carl is really Shane's son, I say not. He says Shane is way too protective of Carl, and perhaps for selfish reasons with his love for Lori, for Carl not to be his. I say no way - Lori seems to really want to distance herself from Shane, which makes me think the only time something went on between the two of them is when they both thought Rick was dead. Thoughts?!

    • profile image

      jack 6 years ago

      He could have just kept going they were not that far away from the car, oatis saved his life, shane could have returned the favour, shane wanted to leave the group anyway couldn't he distract and lead the zombies away. He took the easy way out by cruely sacrificing one of my favourite character. I liked oatis he was kindhearted, trustworthy and willing to save his friends. He would have made a great character. I believe they should have both survived.

    • profile image

      jack 6 years ago

      I did hope for an outcome where Shane and Otis both survived but Shane did what he had to, he didn't shoot Otis in the head because zombies aren't interested in dead meat and we can assume if he hadn't they both would've died along with Carl. Shane was obviously attached to Carl as he stepped into Ricks shoes before Rick found the group in series and personally I think it was a tough decision that needed to be made. Shane believes the ends justified the means but still feels guilty and is therefore a hero branded a villain.

    • profile image

      Jake 6 years ago

      I didn't quite understand why Shane shot Otis; it was a huge shocker to me. Could anybody explain.

    • profile image

      jason 6 years ago

      I just reallllllly don't see why he didn't shoot the guy in the head. Otis deserved that, at the very least. Even then, I think they still had some time to make a run for the car..

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      He is definitely not a hero. He was slowing the group down with his busted ankle. If he was a hero he would have let the zombies eat him.

    • profile image

      bong 6 years ago

      Look re-watch the episode.

      It was shane who was slowing down the pair.

      Also they were some distance from the zombies and inspite of shanes limp and otis's winded breath, they could've escaped since they were on the road on the way to the car.

      It wasn't necessary to kill otis or make him bait at all.

      Shane is going crazy slowly.

      Not a real villain or hero but still dangerous.

    • mortimerjackson profile image

      mortimerjackson 6 years ago from California

      The great thing about the writing in The Walking Dead is that characters aren't, by and large, one dimensional. They don't necessarily operate on the good-guy bad-guy stereotypes. What Shane did was pretty horrible, but you can understand and justify his actions.


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