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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Infected: Mice Being Fed to Walkers and Flu illness? (RECAP)

Updated on October 24, 2013
Daryl, Tyreese, and Sasha killing walkers at the fence outside the prison in Season 4 Episode 2
Daryl, Tyreese, and Sasha killing walkers at the fence outside the prison in Season 4 Episode 2 | Source

The Walking Dead: Someone Feeding Mice to Walkers and Violent Flu Outbreak Danger?

This week's episode basically picks off where last weeks episode ended. Patrick got sick from some type of illness and fell in the shower. This is a dangerous situation for the group at the prison because when someone dies, they will become a Walker. The way they die does not matter, unless the brain is destroyed, they will become a Walker.

The start of the episode shows a mysterious figure feeding mouse to the Walkers by the fence outside of the prison. Feeding the Walkers outside the prison means potential danger for the group because more Walkers will be attracted to the fence!

What is interesting about this show is it's ability to show intimacy between characters. Tyreese and Karen are starting to develop a potential relationship. Karen was the girl from WoodBury from Season 3. She barely escaped from the Governor by hiding behind a dead body.

The relationship between Glenn and Maggie is going strong. Glenn takes a picture of Maggie while she sleeps, which wakes her up. Maggie tells Glenn to get rid of the picture, but he wants to keep it. There obviously is a very strong bond between the two. Their relationship has flourished since Season 2.

Zombified Patrick Attacks Group

It does not take long before Patrick find's his way into the sleeping quarters and violently bites a man while he sleeps! The Patrick Walker almost almost went into Karen's sleeping area, but hears a cough in the other room, which prevents the Walker from entering Karen's room.

Soon, the man that got bit turns into a Walker and several other people are getting bit by Walkers and turning into Walkers themselves! Complete chaos begins inside the prison!

Patrick zombie feasting on a corpse
Patrick zombie feasting on a corpse | Source

The Walking Dead: Walker Outbreak in Prison

Rick and his son Carl are tending the the pigs outside of the prison, unaware of the horrors inside. Carl let's Rick know that there has been a large build up of Walkers by the fence outside. He asks his father, "when can I have my gun back?" Rick felt that his son may have been losing his humanity because he shot a kid at the end of Season 3 who was probably going to surrender. However, this was partially justified considering the kid was helping the Governor attack the prison group and it would have been risky to let him live. Remember the Randall incident from Season 2? Not everyone can be trusted, even if it appears they can be!

Carl has changed quite a lot since Season 1 of The Walking Dead. He has gone from a fearful child to a confident adolescent who can deal with zombies and make quick decisions when needed.

Gun shots can be heard from outside, so Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Carol go investigate and help the others who are being attacked by Walkers. Glenn gets attacked by a Walker unexpectedly and is almost bit. Close call!

If you were in a zombie apocalypse, could you kill a family member who would eventually turn into a zombie?

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Lizzy and Mika's Father Ryan is bitten

Carol was actually willing to cut Ryan's leg off ( who was attacked by walkers) to prevent the infection from spreading. However, she notices he is also bit behind the neck/head area, therefore, cutting the leg off will not prevent him from turning. Carol did not even hesitate. She really would have cut his leg off if she had to. In the past, a weaker Carol would never even thought of doing such a thing! She has become very adept and confident in her ability to kill Walkers and deal with emotional situations compared to earlier seasons where she was just a fearful wife, abused by her husband (who died in Season 1).

Ryan asks Carol if she can look after his children, Lizzy and Mika, as if they were her own. Carol accepts and promises him she will. Mika says she wants to be the one to end her father's life, knowing that if he does not die by wound to head, he will turn into a Walker. Initially, she seemed confident, but she let her emotions get to her and ended up deciding not to kill him. Carol ends up taking care of Ryan, while Lizzy and Mika weep over the inevitable death of their father, Ryan.

Michonne fighting Walkers attempting to escape
Michonne fighting Walkers attempting to escape | Source

If you were in the sitiation like the prison group, would you quarantine people if you knew that they may possibly be sick?

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The Walking Dead: Violent Flu Outbreak?

After the aftermath of the zombie outbreak inside the prison, Dr.S examines the dead bodies and says that this may be some form of some violent flu. The bodies had no signs of any scratches or bites, however, there was blood coming out of the mouths, ears, and eyes. Not knowing exactly how this illness is spread, the group decides it's best to quarantine people in D-Block or anyone who has signs of possible sickness.

In this episode, Michonne almost got bitten by Walkers because she sprained her ankle. Carl and Maggie were able to rescue her, however.

Secret about Michonne in the Walking Dead (indirectly revealed)

Michonne, who often appeared emotionless in Season 3, now shows a much softer side. There is a scene where Beth is taking care of Judith and asks Michonne if any kids were killed. “All these widows, and orphans, but what do you call someone lost a child?” Beth says. “You think someone would’ve given that a name. Beth sings a lullaby to Judith and the baby spits up on her. Beth hands the baby to Michonne so she can change her clothes.

Michonne seems to awkwardly hold the baby. She seems very uncomfortable like she does not want to hold it. Moments later, she looks into the baby's eyes and begins to cry. She then holds the baby close to her face. The Walking Dead is inferring that Michonne, who often was portrayed as the quiet, badass, and sometimes appeared to have a emotionless personality, actually had a baby who she lost in the past when the zombie Apocalypse began. Perhaps this is why Michonne always seemed anti-social and quiet much of the time -- she was trying to forget what awful things happened in her past.....


Would you have used pigs as bait to lure Walkers away from prison?

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The Walking Dead: Mouse Fed Walkers Almost Breaking Through Fence!

Someone is feeding mice to the Walkers by the fence , but we do not know who it is yet. Rick, Daryl, Carl, and Sasha are trying to hold back the Walkers at the fence. As many as they are killing, the attempts to get rid of them all is fruitless. There are simply too many Walkers at the fence to deal with. The fence is getting pushed from all the pressure from the zombie's bodies being pressed up against it. There is actually an astonishing looking effect where a zombie's head gets the chain-linked fence pressed into it's head. So gruesome and amazing at the same time!

Too many Zombies outside prison fence! Rick Must Make a Decision Fast!

Knowing that the prison could be lost if the Walkers are not killed, Rick makes a tough, but quick thinking decision. He gets the pigs that he has been taking care of and loads them into the truck. Daryl drives the truck, while Rick uses the pigs to lure the large amount of Walkers away from the fence. Rick cuts into the pigs with a knife, making blood appear, so the Walkers will be more attracted to the pigs.

The pig scene may upset some people who are fond of animals. You can see in Rick's eyes that he did not want to do this, but had no choice. Otherwise the Walkers would have eventually broke through the fence at the prison. It was either use the pigs as bait or lose the prison potentially. And even if they could have killed the Walkers, they would have had to use a lot of ammo and resources to do so.

Are you disappointed that Karen died?

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Tyreese Is Not Going To Get Laid in The Walking Dead

If you were hoping to see Tyreese and Karen's relationship blossom, you will not have your wish unfortunately. Karen shows signs of being sick in this episode. She coughs and the others quarantine her. Tyreese is upset about this because he liked Karen.

At the end of the episode, Tyreese sees a trail of blood and follows it to discover two dead burned bodies, one who is Karen! The exact details of her death are unknown, however, she may have died from the violent flu illness. Who is burning the bodies, though?

If we have learned anything from watching The Walking Dead, it is that NO ONE is safe! The writers can kill off anyone, anywhere, at any time! You never know what to expect!

Also, who is feeding the mice to the Walkers?


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