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The Walking Dead: The Days Gone Bye

Updated on February 15, 2012

A Recap

The first three episodes of the brand new season of The Walking Dead have aired, and each of them have been what you'd expect. Despite Frank Darabont's step back, the show has not missed a beat and may have improved as it has delved deeper into bigger story lines. In the first episode the survivors are trying to travel down a desolate highway populated with wrecked cars and their dead inhabitants. They decide to take what they can from the cars to help survive but are quickly met by a horde of zombies, the group hides under the cars and keeps quiet. All except one, Sophie the young daughter of Carol. Sophie runs into a nearby forest and is chased down by a walker. Rick quickly comes to Sophie's aid and finds her before the walker does. He tells her in order for him to dispatch of the walker, that now has a buddy, he needs her to hide. He instructs her to hide in a creek and after dispatching the walkers, she is no longer there. Rick and Daryl follow a trail left by Sophie, and it eventually runs cold. The following day the group heads further into the woods in search for her and still have no luck. Rick orders the group to head back to the highway to rest up for the night and it is possible that Sophie may have found her way back. Shane and Carl stay with Rick to help look around the abandoned church that they have found. Eventually the three of them head deeper into uncharted territories and come across a deer. It is a beautiful scene as throughout the show we've never really seen any peaceful scenes or any kind of animal life since the outbreak. Carl walks up to the deer and begins to pet it, the three of them are all laughing and smiling about the matter until a bullet is shot through the deer and hits Carl. The episode ends with a shot of Rick holding his son.

The triangle between Shane, Lori and Rick is one of the main sources of tension and drama
The triangle between Shane, Lori and Rick is one of the main sources of tension and drama

The second episode picks up with Rick and Shane finding out that the man that shot Carl was simply hunting the deer. Carl was not seen as he was covered by the deer. The shooter's name is Otis and he explains there is a nearby farm that belongs to a doctor that can help Carl. They all rush to the farm and the owner of the farm, Hershel Greene takes Carl into the house where he begins to tend to the wound. Rick being the same blood type as Carl is ordered to stay nearby for transfusions that will help Carl survive. Rick keeps wanting to get up, but Shane eventually sits him down explaining to him that if Rick was not by Carl's side if he were to die, that it would kill him. He brought up the fact that when Rick was in the coma that Lori never left his side and never showed how much she was hurting. No matter what she was going to be as strong as she could, and that kind of mental fortitude was needed out of Rick in this trying time. There was a sense of jealously by Shane in this part, as Shane feels that he is stronger than Rick and that he could provide stability where Rick cannot at this juncture.

Andrea, as she was heading back with the others and still distraught, gets attacked by a walker. She is saved by Maggie Greene, the daughter of Hershel, who takes Lori to the farm to be with her son. She also tells Glenn how to get to the farm and explains its best if the entire group makes it. Upon Lori arriving at the farm, it is revealed that Hershel is not a doctor per say to humans, but animals yes. It angers Lori, but she quickly realizes that in this day and age you can't be choosy. Hershel explains to Rick and Lori that the bullet broke into tiny fragments and for him to extract the bullets he would need to put Carl under. He doesn't have that kind of equipment, but the local high school would. Shane takes it upon himself to acquire the equipment needed with the help of Otis. Otis wants to do right by Carl, seeing how he is the reason why he is in the predicament to begin with.

Shane goes to a certain extreme to keep Carl alive
Shane goes to a certain extreme to keep Carl alive

The third episode may just be one of the best episodes yet for the entire series. It was incredibly intense throughout the entire episode and also had two heart wrenching scenes that will certainly be memorable to at least me. Shane and Otis reach the high school where the medical supplies are only to see the school overrun by zombies. The two get the supplies with no problem, but when they come out of the trailer they were in, the walkers spotted them. Shane and Otis try to find a way out and eventually do despite an injury that Shane suffers from a fall. Otis is slowed down as well, and Shane notices that the walkers are catching up. He needs to do something fast otherwise not only will he die, but so will Carl. Shane saves his last bullet and uses it on Carl, leaving him to die and for the walkers to feed on him. The episode ended with Shane in front of a mirror in a closed bathroom shaving his head to cover up a spot where Otis ripped out some of Shane's hair. While it was part of a way for Shane to cover up what he had done, it also represented the extremes that Shane is willing to go to in order for himself and others to survive. He thinks in terms of the bigger picture and realizes that in this kind of world, you need to be a bit ruthless.

The other heart wrenching scene came from a conversation between Rick and Lori regarding their son. Lori begins to wonder if it is right to bring Carl along in a world that is as dark and as ruthless as the one they live in now. She explains to Rick that it may be better if they let their own son die. The idea of it at first is yes disturbing on all levels but given the situation, any parent would consider it. No parent wants their children to suffer, and that's all Lori was thinking about. From Rick's perspective, he keeps holding on to the hope that the world will get better and that eventually the walkers will fade away and that in that world Carl and other children will be key. It is a tough decision and as a viewer, you can see both sides of the coin and relate to them as horrible as they may be.

The first three episodes have all been incredible and it is hard to see the show slowing down. It'll be interesting to see what other plot lines will come from the Hershel farm and where they will go on to after that. Even more intriguing is how Shane is still around. Shane in the comics died around this time and with him still around, it'll add some nice drama between all the characters involved.


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    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 6 years ago from Columbia, MD

      how could things get better. the thing of it is that things will only get worse. not just with the zombies but with what people will be driven to. Shane showed one extreme as to what people will do to survive, but i can imagine other people being ten times worse.

    • autumn18 profile image

      autumn18 6 years ago from CA, USA

      I like how the show keeps hinting at hope. It's a pretty bleak situation they are in but I too have hope that things will get better at some point. This show is so good. Great hub!