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The Ward

Updated on February 1, 2013

Mystery will only be revealed after everyone dies

Kristen (Amber Heard) was brought in by the police to The Ward. There, she meets Sarah - the beautiful, seductive one, Emily - the annoying, lunatic weirdo, Iris - the artistic one and Zoey - the innocent, fearful child within.

All of them are treated by the same doctor, Dr. Stringer (Jared Harris).

One day, Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca) announced that she was going to be set free from the institution. She went to see Dr. Stringer, who later hypnotised her, asking her what happened on the 3rd September 1966. It was unclear at this moment when we came to the scene where Dr. Stringer was outside of his office telling the warden to bring Iris back as she was sleeping in his office. When the warden opens the door, she was missing.

Back to Iris. So, Iris was wheeled to a room. There, she was strapped by the monstrous Alice Hudson (Mika Boorem) who has killed Tammy before Kristen arrived. Alice kills Iris.

Kristen and Emily (Mamie Gummer) decided to look for Iris that night as she never returned back to them. They sneaked out, ran away from the wardens but was caught.

Sarah (Danielle Panabaker) and Emily had an argument. Emily turned the TV out loud and Sarah walked away. While looking into her mini compact powder mirror, she saw Alice. She screamed but no one heard it, ran and hid herself. But Alice found her. Sarah was brought into one of the underground rooms, strapped and was electrocuted to death. Here, you can see the veins and skin frying!

When Kristen knew Sarah was gone, the aggressiveness in her grew even stronger. She saw bunny doll Zoey (Laura-Leigh) was carrying. It belonged to Alice. Zoey then told the story that Tammy, Sarah, Emily and Iris killed Alice, with Zoey herself playing a small part in it.

Emily went into her cell, took the surgical knife she stole, threatened to kill herself cos she couldn't take it any longer. Then, Alice appeared from behind, slashing Emily's wrist.

Zoey and Kristen made a run for it with Zoey being Kristen's hostage. Zoey entered the mini elevator-thing while Kristen waits for it. In the mini elevator, Alice appears behind of Zoey, attacking her.

When the mini elevator opens, Kristen got in and got out into Dr. Stringer's office. There, she meets alice who tried to kill her. After fighting back and forth (in the corridor), Kristen slams the axe over Alice's chest, leaving Alice dead in the hall way. She goes back in to the office. She sees Alice Hudson's files and Dr. Stringer's write-out of experiments on them.

Dr. Stringer appears. Kristen took the broken glass, pinning Dr. Stringer against the wall, threatening him to reveal the truth.

This is the great part.

Here, Dr. Stringer tells Kristen that her real name is Alice Hudson. She was abducted from her home and was imprisoned in a basement for a few months (can't recall). Kristen has multiple identities and the only way to bring her back was for the ghost of Alice to kill them all. Then after, Alice appears, storming towards Kristens, driving the both of them out the window. Kristen dies.

In the next scene, we see a couple and Dr. Stringer. He told them that Alice is now healed and she is herself once again. We see the real Alice in bed, suffering from her injuries. The warden gave Alice her belongings - the bunny, bracelet and the book. She said she remembered everything. Everything of Iris, Sarah, Emily, Zoey and Kristen. All her multiple personalities.

I would give this movie a rating of 9/10. The remaining 1 goes to the unknown of how Dr. Stringer was able to speak to all the multis in the room as well as whehn he said Iris was sleeping in his office but was found missing.

This story reminds me of Identity (John Cusack). Identity is way better though. Still, this movie is worth the watch if you're up for some horrifying thriller with those good, loud sound effects.


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    • profile image

      natalia 5 years ago

      This had miie scared 4ever

    • Ragnelle profile image

      Ragnelle 6 years ago

      Thanks. I thought it was nice but it was just a little confusing. The sound effects were good though. I think I'm more of a M. Night Shyamalan fan though. :)

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Nice review....I was really disappointed in this movie...I used to be a huge John Carpenter fan...but I do not think I have liked his last 5 or 6 movies. voted up