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The Wedding Industry Meets Reality TV

Updated on December 1, 2014

The bridal industry has always been a fun and entertaining realm, even before it was featured in television shows. Usually, no one knew the details of what happened (or what could happen) to a girl when she finally got a ring on her finger. Now, thanks to shows like “I Found the Gown,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” and “My Fair Wedding With David Tutera,” people at home can get a sneak peek into the reality of a bride’s life.

Reality television shows have been trendy for many years; however, the bridal world has just begun to receive its 15 minutes of fame. As prime choices for entertainment purposes, bridal shops and wedding planners have experienced many of these TV-worthy events, and there are now myriad shows out there featuring the many aspects of a bride’s life — and they’re known to be highly addictive.


Bridezillas,” a long-running show on WE TV, tends to depict brides at their worst while planning their wedding – hence the name. Planning a wedding is a stressful experience, and some brides can succumb to the pressures and act irrationally. In the industry, we call this disorder “bride brain.” Purely for bridal entertainment purposes, women can now see how their silly behavior looks to outsiders. This helps them know how not to react to stressful situations.

My Fair Wedding With David Tutera

My Fair Wedding With David Tutera,” also on WE TV, highlights another aspect of event planning that isn’t all over television. He focuses mainly on the decorative and aesthetic aspects of the big day, making sure the bride’s vision isn’t a tacky one. Just weeks before the wedding, he will come in and go through your ideas with you. He will then take those and completely transform them into the perfect fairy tale day. Tutera can make bridal gold from practically nothing.

Say Yes to the Dress

For those seeking classy bridal distractions, “Say Yes to the Dress is a highly popular show. Featured on TLC, it presents brides who are in the process of finding their perfect wedding dress. This being such an emotional time for her and her close family, interesting things transpire that make the show perfect for TV. There are two locations portrayed, one in New York and one in Atlanta, and both are very entertaining.

I Found the Gown

Last but certainly not least, “I Found the Gownon TLC films the daily events in VOWS, the award-winning discount bridal boutique in Boston, Massachusetts. “I Found the Gown” follows the owners of, Leslie and Rick DiAngelo — two people who strive to bring beautiful dresses to brides at a bargain price.

Twenty years ago, Leslie and Rick were planning their own wedding. Leslie had a taste for the more expensive gowns but didn’t have the budget for it. After the couple married, they remembered this flaw in the bridal industry and decided they should do something about it. So, in the mid-1990s, the DiAngelos opened VOWS! Since then, they have grown immensely and now have their own highly-acclaimed television show. If you take the time to watch it, you’ll witness brides finding their dream dress at a dream price – and you won’t be sorry for tuning in.

Of course, there are other shows out there that feature the bridal sphere, and some feature even more outrageous aspects of planning the big day. If you’ve got a little extra time to spend, you should see what these shows have to offer. They are informative, enlightening, and overall entertaining. You can blame us if you get hopelessly addicted. It happens to the best of us.


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