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The What Not to Wear TV Show a Review

Updated on April 25, 2013
Stacy London from the show
Stacy London from the show | Source

I watch this show sometimes because I think it is interesting. Stacy and Clinton are the hosts of the show. They are very fussy about what people wear. I relate to it because it is difficult to find the right things to wear. I don't think they always have the best choices for the women for what to wear on the show. It gets to be the same thing all the time. They think that they are experts, but I don't think that they really know everything about wardrobe and what to wear. They have a certain idea of how the women should look and it is mainly their idea. It is the same as it would be for many people in an actual office that work there would think. They like pretty bright clothes that say something in fashion to them.

But when you are at work it is not your job to entertain others in the office. People want something in clothes that say something to them so that the clothes are not just wearing them. They want to wear the clothes. That is a lot of what is happening in this show. On this show, the clothes steal the show. I don't think the things the hosts pick out and argue about are always the most fashionable choices. I would myself like to have the hosts wardrobe done over.

For people that have positions that are more than secretarial, the look is not really enough for them. It is expected in corporate places to dress down a bit and not to wear the brightest thing that one can find every day. It does not matter to them in that way what the secretaries wear as long as it fits in to the office somewhat. Some secretaries get away with all kinds of things as there is not much of a real dress code.

They do get angry if someone does not want the new type of clothing that the hosts want them to wear. That is of course part of the show. They probably do want to stir up some trouble. Sometimes it seems to go a bit too far. I think that people are entitled to their opinion as far as the guests go.Their way is the only way on there for the hosts. I think people are a bit tired of it. It is the same type of thing always. It is getting cancelled.

I think that they are somewhat useful to the women on the show. Many of the women that come in to try on the clothes have really outdated wardrobes. I don't think it is necessary to really throw them out. After they are finished they will have a look of a materialist, very middle class person that is striving for attention. Everyone does not want to look the same like that. It makes them in essence look like everyone else. Many women in offices see themselves as being fashion icons when everyone knows they just have something from a cheap rack somewhere that they picked out. It just makes them look as if they are trying too hard.

I know that for some of the things that they pick out, they are on the what not to wear list from many companies that have a dress code. For instance, they are not supposed to wear large prints. It is too distracting would be the excuse. Another no no is the open toed shoes for office work. Also they should not be wearing low cut things in or sleeveless. That is a corporate requirement for many places to not wear sleeveless. It is a sort of unwritten rule that women need to follow. Many of the women and girls follow it willingly, since they do not want the unwanted attention. These outfits make them look as if they would sometimes welcome attention a little too much. It is okay, as that is what does go on in many modern offices. It could fit in, in different sorts of places.

Now, it is helpful in that they do need to wear new clothes in an office. The offices are very fussy about what people wear. They will not leave someone alone if they are not wearing the latest styles or close to it. The office people do not really know what is in style. That is just it though, anything that is really in style would be too much for many offices and you should not wear it. It would be different if you are working in the Vogue office or other offices of that same type. People dress differently there, but there is still and unwritten dress code.

But you know that there are girls or women like that and all that they need is some different clothes and they would get all kinds of attention from guys. They would be asked out. Or, also the married ones would feel better and get themselves noticed for themselves. Wives do tend to get taken for granted. It is difficult to have a home and to work also. There is no time for putting little outfits to put together after work.

I am very sympathetic to the participant makeovers and/or fashion victims on the show. They really have something to go through on it. They do get the money from being on the show. They get a very nice wardrobe from it all. I also like to see the old clothes that they have. I really understand that, I tend to hang on to things. But you cannot really wear those out of style things and things that are too outlandish to work either. They do not want the little housewife work really either.

I have taken fashion courses so I do know little about what to wear. Also I have seen to wardrobe restrictions that they have at different companies. I have passed wardrobe inspection when I was working as a film extra. The wardrobe people on films have a similar idea to this in that they want it to mainly look like middle class, upscale wardrobe. It depends on the character and film. The people in charge on the show are similar to wardrobe on other shows. I tried one day holding up a designer dress to go to a wedding TV show. They picked out the cheaper dress. I have seen them pick out really cheap things to be worn for the upscale TV shows. But it does make them angry also to see cheap things when it is supposed to be upscale. That is similar to what is going on, on this show.

The hairdresser and the makeup artist also do their thing to brighten up the person's looks. The hairdresser I have seen being a bit silly sometimes. I would not want my hair cut off the way that he does it.


Do you think the show is right in their wardrobe choices for women?

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