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The Who 1979 Concert Review

Updated on June 22, 2013

What A Show !

The first Who concert I ever went to was in New Haven Connecticut on December 15th 1979. The Who was embarking on a rather large tour of the USA that year, and with Kenney Jones now doing the drumming, it was his first extensive Who tour. In the months leading up to the concert there was much anticipation of the show.

I was at home on the evening of December 3rd, and before going to bed I turned on the radio and I heard reports of the Cincinnati Ohio tragedy. Prior to the start of that concert 11 fans were killed and many other hurt during a rush to get inside for the general admission seats.

So when The Who came to New Haven my friends and I promised to each other that we would stay safe for that evening.

Earlier that year they had released a movie version of Quadrophenia-the Mods & Rockers story. My seat was in the top last row, all the way in the back in the New Haven Coliseum. When the lights went off, a promo film clip of Quadrophenia was shown with the song The Real Me being played. Apparently gatecrashers up on the roof thought The Who had come on stage, as they started to tear open at the corners of the roof and come into the Coliseum. I’d estimated about 2 dozen made it passed the security, while a few others got caught.

The Who opened with the song Substitute. I wasn’t overly impressed with the song. However their next song was Baba O’Riley and that really got the crowd going. Although I didn’t keep a complete set list, other great songs played that night included; Tommy, 5;15, My Wife and Love, Reign O’er Me. Rogers voice was wonderful and I was most impressed with Petes guitar playing and constant windmilling. It was interesting how John played his bass guitar, making it thunder whenever he wanted such as in Boris The Spider. A surreal moment came when they played the song Long Live Rock. When the band sang the "rock is dead" part it was tough to tell if it was an anthem to Keith Moon or to the people who had died in Cincinnati 12 days earlier. Well perhaps it was for both. As the concert was winding down there was almost relief, wow this was a great concert and in front of my eyes no one got hurt. Sometimes a rock show or the anticipation of one can consume oneself. The Who ended the night by rocking the place out with the song Won’t Get Fooled Again. Interesting end to the 1970's .

Please Enjoy This Video By THE WHO


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    • shutterbug1953 profile image

      shutterbug1953 8 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      I saw The Who perform back in 1969. They played at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in Forest Hills, NY. I had a press pass and I remember standing right up front staring at Daltry. The chemistry between the band was incredible and the adrenline they possessed was contagious. 40 years later I still love music and I continue to play my albums to this day.

      Thanks for bringing back some really cool memories.

    • Lissy MacMillan profile image

      Lissy MacMillan 8 years ago from Chicago

      love it! so cool to read a review from a show back in the 70s and of The Who!! Thank you!