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The Who Concert Review 1982

Updated on November 21, 2016

My second time going to a concert by The Who was on Saturday, September 25, 1982. This show was held at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pa. As I had gotten up quite early that morning and my friend and I drove to Cherry Hill, NJ, got a motel room, had breakfast and the proceeded over to JFK Stadium, along with the other 100,000 fans going to the show. This show was in support of their Its Hard album. During the late 1970s many people felt that The Who would end their carrier soon, as not to seem hypocritical when singing the line in the song My Generation-“Hope I Die Before I Get Old.” But here they were, in the 1980s still rocking.

This was a very nice early autumn day for an outdoor concert. Santana opened the show, but for some reason Carlos didn’t want to play that day. By that I mean he didn’t play with the aggressive intensity that I had seen him play with 3 other times. Next came The Clash. It was still to early in the 1980s for me or my friends to know their music. In our opinion they couldn’t get off the stage quick enough. They just about got booed off.

Then came The Who on stage, opening with Substitute. Other songs on the setlist that day included; I Can't Explain; Dangerous; Sister Disco; The Quiet One; It's Hard; Eminence Front; Behind Blue Eyes; Baba O'Riley; I Am One; The Punk And The Godfather; Drowned; A Man Is A Man; Cry If You Want; Who Are You; Pinball Wizard; See Me Feel Me; 5.15; Love Reign O'er Me; Long Live Rock; Won't Get Fooled Again, with the encore being Magic Bus and Twist and Shout.

I thought the crowd enjoyed the newer songs, and everyone really got into Baba O’Riley. As usual Roger would throw the microphone up in the air and twirl it around. Pete of course slammed his guitar to pieces on the stage-at least twice.

The show ended with everyone exhausted. It had been a long day and somehow the 1970s had slipped away and we all realized we were well into the 1980s. Was this it ? Was The Who going to break up ? Interesting how something that important that day didn’t matter. After all - It was the music that mattered.


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