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The Wicker Tree

Updated on September 13, 2012

When I had watched The Wicker Man, I wanted to see the sequel to see if it was as good even though it was only really okay. They say that the original Wicker Man was better and more horrifying than he remake with Nicolas Cage, but I thougt it was okay. So that is when I decided I wanted to watch the Wicker Tree.

The Wicker Tree is about a young couple from Texas who goes to a certain part in Scotland or around the Scottish lowlands to spread the gospel to the people around there. This couple have decided to wear rings to show that they are willing to wait until they are married to get more involved with each other. However, where they are at there is a lot of sexual temptation and pleasures that they are trying to avoid. There is this tradition that the people in that community do every year or so and it requires a queen and Beth is asked to be part of it. While all this is happening, Steve, her fiance falls for temptation with this one lady from that community and realizes that he has sinned in a way and he wants to leave. Before he leaves, they invite him to do this one last even in which he doesn't return. Beth finds out what is happening and tries to get away but doesn't make it out of the little town that she is in.

This movie wasn't really properly made according to some critics. It is known as the worst movie to be a sequel. I am leaning right in between on whether it is good or whether it was a bad movie. I guess it just depends on whoever watches it.


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