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The William Hung Overture In The Key Of B Flat!

Updated on October 13, 2009


The William Hung Overture in the Key of B flat!!



An American idle revisited!

"The William Hung overture in the key of B flat."

Sing, sang, sung
the voice of William Hung
you'd think he'd blow a lung
I really wish he'd hum
but look at what he's done
"American Idles"
chosen one
not for his voice
but just for fun
he bangs his way
to number one
he's T.V. talk shows
favorite chum
Ellen was selling
all his charms
but whn he sings
and waves his arms
it sets off
musical alarms
yet he is causing
no one harm
his eyes are full
of hope you see
to maybe win
that next grammy
but I think he's
been singled out
to show what dreams
are all about
that even though you've
missed your chance
there are some who
will let you dance
as long as you
don't whine or grieve
and in yourself
truly believe
his skin is pure
not so his voice
he's a Volkswagon
not a Rolls Royce
But William's hung
around awhile
and brought Americans
a smile
amidst the wars
and politics
and terrorists
and heretics
it's nice to find
folks can be kind
to some kid who
may never find
the key of C
but he has found
the key to life
"let hope abound"
he bangs, we laugh
he bangs, we smile
let's Hope William
hangs round awhile.


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