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The World Of Anime: Enjoy A Whole New World Of Japanese Animation

Updated on October 2, 2016


What Your Watching

Watching anime can be fun, informative, and even introduce you to a whole new side of Japanese culture

  • Anime shows great passion
  • Creative animation to develop a story
  • Historical events in Japanese culture and history retold
  • A whole new side of animation that most cartoons rarely show

Starting On Anime

Anime is well known around the world as the Japanese animation we all enjoy around the world. If you would like to pronounce it correctly, it sounds out "ah-knee-may." All of it is just an abbreviation for animation that the average individual is use to hearing and may be more familiar with. It is not something new and as you will find many people known about it. It is decades old and has been producing for a long time as well. Anime is a uniquely Japanese creation all in his own. Every anime that you see has its distinct style and look, the overall theme of one project never cross with another in the same way. Creators bring the story to life with vivid images and a whole new concept to that much anime itself. Every anime has its story and setting so learn about it and what it all will entail.

It is all on a culture view over in Japan where their sexual content and violence are in the way lax when it comes to creating the animation. That is why anime may seem like the rating may be too high, but it is because of the content in the animation itself. You may see nudity as casually as you see any other action in the show. It is handle with the casualty that in the western world or other places may find a little racy in a cartoon. All in All, make sure to check out an animation before your kids watch it or watch it with them and if it seems to be too many turns it off.

​It may have started in Japan with a strong following of fans that jump on board, but it has greatly expanded. Over the past years, anime has crossed over to the Western world and open big on the market. Not only can you watch most anime in English they have translate them into many languages for views all around the world? The new generations either grew up watching anime and still do, even kids today continue to love the animations that are being created. The more you known about anime, the more you are likely to want to see, with a variety of shows to choose from it never get boring.

A Little More

The culture of anime is strongly influenced by of course 'Japanese culture'. The anime themes and events are center around the Japanese language, and their history to bring Japan to life through animation. Japanese mythology creates anime like Inu X Boku S.S., Inuyasha. Shows may be based on the history of Japan with major events as well as wars that took place. Other monster type anime may be different but have great potential when releasing in the markets, sometimes receiving less or more attention.

Anime art style comes in a wide range by showing pure skills, flamboyant style to outlandish types of anime. Choosing a genre to watch can be fun and sometimes lead to learning even more about the culture itself. Watching anime of any kind will prove interesting because they just find a way to make everything POP. It comes across looking fresh and always new with each story.

When it comes to storytelling anime, do not shy away from delivering an epic story if they can help it. Anime will usually run from 12 episodes to as much as more than a hundred episodes. Regardless of the length of the anime, the best ones are anime that keep you on your toes and wanting to know more. They draw the view in, draw your emotions out for the characters, and demand that you pay attention while waiting for the next episode. Look for the type of story that would interest you, the subjects you care about to watch. Just like any movie you can find anime about romantic, comedy, action pack, classic literature, even CSI-styles, the point is that you are not limited so go wild with your search.

The Genres

When most individuals hear the word anime, they have a tendency to lump it all into one genre. It is very much like all other animations that you have to see, with some types to choose. Anime is use in a term to describe what most people have known as Japanese animations or manga. It does have a Japanese culture behind it and history that runs along with it. The impact that anime has had over the years is coming to a full circle, just about everyone around the world knows the name. Major productions are being created, and people are falling in love with anime all over again. Do not dough that you can find something to your liking when it comes to watching anime. When you watch movies or read a book, you get to choose between drama, action-adventures, horror, comedy, and much more. In anime, you have all those genres and more to make a selection and enjoy.

A List To Watch

Watching Anime

What Style of Anime do You Watch?

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Who can Watch Anime

There are a number types of anime to watch; that means to check for the ratings on the box or the programs you're watching. Adults are free to watch whatever they want when it comes to anime because they are mature. However, you do have to watch what your kids are viewing when it comes to a choice of animation. Each story is based on a broad topic and does go into details more than a regular cartoon.

If you are wondering if anime is okay for kids to watch it's just like anything else your children watch. It all depends on the show they will be watching; there are anime for just about every age group so pick the ones that are appropriate. If you have seen popular shows such as Pokémon you knew it is geared toward the younger audience and unless you are specific on what your kids watch it's okay. Moving on to teens and older teens they can watch shows like Death Note or InuYasha are appropriate for them to view. Remember that some other anime are strictly for mature audiences and should not be view by children.

Vampire Knight

Top Anime Series to Consider Watching

Year Release
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Death Note

Parental Guidance Advice

Parental Guidance is necessary when you have your kids watching television. As with any other shows anime come with a range of rating base on what you will be watching. When an anime is distributed, it is usually in actual MPAA rating like (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). They can also have TV parental guidelines rating to indicate to parents what they kids will be watching. When you purchase a DVD/Blue Ray or even stream a show for your child to watch pay attention to what the ratings are marked before you watch.

Seinen anime are for an older audience for 21 years old and up so check those ratings before you allow your kids to watch them. Yaoi ( a guy with Guy) and Shonen (girl with a girl) anime are about Homosexuality type of anime. Mecha with giant robots with human pilot are usually high action style fighting that is always entertaining.

Where You can Start

Want to get started today in watching anime, it only takes a few minutes to browse the titles. You should look for what you like when watching any animation. Do you like to watch love stories, drama, actions, or even supernatural. The choice is entirely up to you so go pick out something that you will enjoy.

If you do feel completely hopeless and just do not know how to go about it try some little tips. The best first tip is if you known anyone that is already into anime, chances are they can give you some great titles based on what they have watch. It helps if they like the same kind of anime that you will eventually watch. That way they can give you an honest opinion base on what they have seen along with advice on what to watch depending on how well the story develop. Another way to go about this is to look at favorite shows for each genre when you look it up. Most anime have a popular one that almost everyone has seen; favorite selections are rarely wrong when they receive top ratings from views.

Try getting started with: Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Shin Chan, Hellsing, Brothers Conflicts, InuXBoku S.S., Bleach, Kamisama Kiss, Fullmetal Alchemist. These are only a very short list of anime that can get you started right away.


The Fun Part

Watching anime can bring you many hours of joy so just watch what you like. It is a simple pleasure that many around the world can take about an hour or so a day. Anyone can enjoy a cartoon and just good, creative animation; it's all about finding that one you love. Once you get started finding a show becomes second nature, in no time you will be a pro at choosing the right shows to watch. Some stories are for fun and others do contain a deeper meaning behind them, look for more than just a cartoon. YouTube is a great spot to find out more about anime and watch some while you are at it. As in anything take it in moderation and enjoy one at a time when it comes to falling in love with the world of Japanese Animation.

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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    • Milkcananime profile image

      Max Wong 3 years ago from Singapore

      To choose between the virtual (anime) world and the real world has always been a tough decision. The limitless possibilities of the virtual world and the warmth and truth of the real world, each have their own attractions. The cold, harsh truth of the real world and the fear of losing yourself in the virtual world repel the thoughts of choosing between them. But what if the virtual world is your reality, where your choices and decision could cost you severe and permanent consequences?