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The X Factor US 2012 - Favorites at the Judges' Houses

Updated on April 10, 2014

My Thoughts

I'm in love with this season's X Factor. It might be because the contestants are so talented or because I really like Britney and Demi or maybe it's because I like Simon Cowell in that deep V shirt that shows off his ample Regardless, after watching today's episode at the Judges' house, here are my favourites.

Cece Frey

You know, I really didn't like her in the earlier episodes. She seemed so catty and so competitive and her "crying" was just so fake; however, I can't deny that the girl has some pair of lungs! She really blew it out of the water with her rendition of "I'm Sexy and I Know It". She did show some vulnerability when Demi told her that she didn't seem likable. Cece actually had tears in her eyes! Unfortunately, she again demonstrated how fake she was at the end when she talked about her vulnerability and sounded like she was crying but her eyes were completely dry.

Willie Jones

Here's my confession. I actually do like country music, particularly the more pop-country songs, a la the likes of Taylor Swift. So maybe that's why I really like Willie Jones and I REALLY dig his hair do. It's a cross between Frankenstein and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


I think I secretly dig boy bands as well which makes total sense since Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC became popular right when I became a tween. I thought they really rocked Down with Webster's "Rich Girl$". They were in tune and right on point. The weird thing is, when they were standing together, it seemed like all of them were really short except for this one guy.

My List of Not So Favorites

These were the singers/groups that I really wasn't into:

Nick Youngerman - He reminds me of a young and overzealous Vanilla Ice. That's not a good thing...

Paige Thomas - I think she is really cute, but she is an exact replica of Rihanna, right down to her hand movements at her performance! There is no room in the entertainment world for two Rihannas.

Emblem3 - I think those dark glasses that Marc Anthony was wearing is clouding his judgement! These guys do not have a good voice, plus they couldn't even get it together for the judges!

SisterC - I agree with Britney's comment at their audition. They are annoying. They have the look, but they have this shrill nasally voice that just gets on my nerves.

Dope Crisis - How did they even make it this far? They do not sound good together at all.

X Factor Favorite

Who is your favorite so far in the show?

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About Me

Elaine Li has a favorite new show this fall 2012 season and it's X Factor! She probably watches too much TV for her own good.


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