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The X-Files of the Marilyn Monroe Suicide

Updated on April 24, 2013
MM in death
MM in death
MM in her prime
MM in her prime
MM in Something's Got to Give -1962
MM in Something's Got to Give -1962
MM before her icon status
MM before her icon status

I don't really recall the first time I saw Marilyn Monroe in a film. All I recall is the impact. I was a kid and yet, like many men, I, too, fell under her spell. It is hard to put a finger on it. So beautiful for, as she would write in her own diary, " The kind of girl they found dead in a hall bedroom with an empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand". She wrote it in 1954. She died in 1962. She was stunning in "Niagara". That movie was her first serious dramatic role.

She was sexually abused as a kid, had a mother who was mentally ill, lived in sad foster homes where she was neglected, even became a orphan and failed with marriage and love as an adult, yet was loved on the screen. No wonder she killed herself, or did she?

The day she died, the body of Marilyn Monroe went missing for ten hours. That is odder than odd. Did she seek refuge in suicide or was it a simple overdose of sleeping pills while filming her last movie and one where she would appear nude. She was 36. The film was only partially completed, never released. She was or had been involved with President Kennedy and his brother, Robert Kennedy. Sexually? Likely, with at least one of them. Had she become an embarrassment to Kennedy? Did she know something? Was she forced to swallow the 30 pills?

Marilyn’s housekeeper, found her a little after 1 AM on August 5, 1962, dead of an apparent overdose of barbiturates, which included pentobarbital (sleeping pills) and chloral hydrate. The police weren't called to the scene for over four hours. That is odd. Why did 20th Century Fox wait so long to report it?

When police arrived, the housekeeper was already doing the laundry, cleaning up the mess. It was only 5 AM. How odd is that? But there are more odd things about the crime scene. Officers could see Marilyn’s nude body lying face down with her arms by her side, her legs stretched out, and her face was buried in her pillow. This arrangement was odd for someone who had overdosed. OD's almost always have convulsions and vomit before they die, and their body is left usually on their back, their limbs twisted. Investigators found no glass by Marilyn’s bedside for her to have used when she swallowed all the pills.

All of this screams oddity. Screams a cover-up. Worse, the police files and reports are gone. From the time her body finally left the home off Sunset Blvd. and reached the LA morgue that normally takes 30-45 minutes, there is a mysterious time warp where six hours vanished. Where exactly was she during that time? FBI files do show the extent the agency was monitoring Monroe for ties to communism in the years before her death in August 1962. It seems silly now, but the Cold War was in full tilt. Marilyn had strong feelings for civil rights, for black equality, but hated the (FBI director) J. Edgar Hoover.

Well, it gets odder. A sick kind of odd that is hard to believe now, let alone, 1962. Some indicate that large sums of money were paid by members from the secret Society of Necrophiliacs. My person-in-the-know said that a lot of money so that several members of this society could have sex with her dead body.

You heard me. To have sex with Marilyn's corpse. I suppose it could be true because there are even reports of it occurring while at the morgue. This portion seems implausible. But, assuming that none of the sick stuff is true, Monroe's death is full of the X-file factor. Even the FBI files on her have been heavily redacted and censored.



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