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The Young and the Restless: Best & Worst May 11-15

Updated on May 16, 2015


Last week, I skipped the best & worst of Y&R, but this week I'm back with the most-talked about moments of the week. From a break-up to a hook-up to a surprise pregnancy, and a break in Austin's murder; there was a lot going on at Y&R this week.



  • Dylan and Sharon: It's the moment Shylan fans have been waiting for (sorry Davery fans). Dylan and Sharon’s friendship continued to grow when Dylan stood by her side during her arrest for Austin’s murder. He’s proven to be her number supporter and viewers were waiting for the moment when their friendship turned romantic. After breaking up with Avery, Dylan confessed his feeling to Sharon and the couple gave into temptation.
  • Chelsea and Gabe: Chelsea's relationship with Billy may have gone sour, but her romance with Gabe (Adam) is heating up. Melissa Claire Egan and Justin Hartley's chemistry is off the charts and it's no surprise that they're one of Y&R's hottest couples. I’ve always been a Chadam fan and it’s good to see my favorite couple back together, although I dread what’s going to become of them once Chelsea learns Gabe’s true identity.
  • Victor's Plan is Unravels: It was only a matter of time before Victor's plan started to go downhill. Ashley and Billy have suspected that something was wrong with Jack, and now Phyllis is questioning Jack’s behavior after she caught her husband speaking Spanish in his sleep. Aside from everyone’s suspicions, there’s tension brewing between Victor and Fake Jack, which means it’s only a matter of time before Victor’s plan blows up in his face.



Kelly Drugs Jack: Just when you thought the writers couldn't ruin Kelly's character any more than they already have, they have her drug Jack in hopes of altering his memory and making him fall in love with her again.

Sage's Pregnancy: This week Sage found out that she was pregnant after being told she may could never have children (how many times have we've seen this plot?) While the news is happy for Sage, it's not for viewers, who have to sit through another Who's the Daddy storyline with Nick, Sage, and Adam. (Personally, I'm hoping it's Nick's because I don't want to see anything come between Adam and Chelsea).

Fen Knows Austin’s Killer: This is the never-ending storyline, just when we think it’s over, something new pops up to drag it out longer. Fen returned from college with a shocking announcement for his friends, he knows the killer. Turns out Fen was being blackmailed because he changed his college grades and the killer gave him the drugs to give to his friends. Poor Fen felt the guilt from his wrongdoing as his friends blasted him for keeping it a secret. If they writers wanted to bring back Fen into the storyline, they picked a crappy way of doing it.


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