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The Young and the Restless: Billy and Chelsea's Engagement

Updated on March 12, 2015
Billy and Chelsea
Billy and Chelsea | Source


The couple has a tainted past, which didn’t start out on good terms. Chelsea was hired by Billy’s former father-in-law Victor Newman to seduce him in order to break up his marriage to Victoria. Chelsea and Billy’s one night stand resulted in a pregnancy, which caused trouble in Billy and Victoria’s marriage. Despite their problems, Victoria and Billy remained committed to each other and Chelsea agreed to let them adopt her son, Johnny.

Chelsea would then go on to marry Adam Newman, who just happened to be Victoria’s stepbrother. However, their marriage ended when Adam’s ex-wife Sharon became a source of contention. When Chelsea found out she was pregnant with Adam’s child, she married Dylan McAvoy and tried to pass the baby off as his. When her son, Connor was born, Chelsea learned he had a medical condition causing him to go blind and she was forced to tell the truth. After her secret was revealed, Chelsea divorced Dylan and reunited with Adam.

Chelsea and Adam’s reunion was cut short when Adam accidentally ran over Billy’s daughter, Delia. Adam tried to cover up his role in the accident, but Billy learned his secret and kidnapped him and held him at gunpoint. The two men ended up in a car crash, which led to Billy surviving, but Adam perishing in the explosion.


Following Delia’s death, Billy and his wife Victoria divorced because of his affair with Kelly Andrews. Meanwhile, Chelsea tried to move on from Adam’s death and she and Billy became friends as they grieved their losses. Before long their friendship turned into a romantic relationship and Billy became a father figure to Chelsea’s son, Connor.

However, the couple wasn’t free from problems. Victoria became pregnant with Billy’s baby and gave birth to a daughter named Katherine Rose. Chelsea remained supportive of Billy, but deep down she feared that he would leave her and go back to Victoria. Despite becoming closer, Billy and Victoria didn’t get back together, and Billy remained committed to Chelsea.


A fire at the couple's home almost ended Billy's life and he realized it was time to take the next step in his relationship with Chelsea.

Their engagement was met with mixed reactions, Billy's family worried that he was moving to fast and had concerns about Chelsea's past. Ex-wife Victoria wasn't too pleased either despite offering her congratulations, and it appears that her jealousy reared it's ugly head.

Another person who could cause trouble for the couple is their new friend Gabriel Bingham, who unbeknownst to the couple is actually Chelsea's ex-husband Adam, who is alive and well. Adam is secretly watching the couple and waiting for the moment to make his move and reclaim his wife.

Will Billy and Chelsea make it to the altar?

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