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The Young and the Restless: Jessica Collins Leaves

Updated on June 3, 2015

Avery's History

When Collins joined the show, her character Avery was sent to help Sharon, who was facing a murder charge. Afterwards, Avery became a prominent fixture on the show when it was revealed she was the sister of Phyllis. The two sisters had a strained relationship, but over the years they worked to patch up their bond.

Avery’s love life has been center focus of the show; she was engaged to Nick Newman, her sister’s ex-husband,which caused further friction between her and Phyllis. When her engagement to Nick ended, Avery reunited with her ex-boyfriend Dylan McAvoy, who she thought died during the war.

Avery and Dylan became one of Y&R's beloved couples, but in recent months their relationship has been on rocky ground due to Dylan's friendship with Sharon and the arrival of Avery's ex-husband, Joe. The stress became to much for the couple and they ended their relationship, since then Dylan's moved on with Sharon and it appears Avery is headed towards a reconciliation with Joe.



Avery and Dylan's engagement came to an end when their loyalties to Joe and Sharon drove a wedge between them. Avery's been helping Joe regain his strength after a fall from the balcony left him paralyzed. The more time she spends with Joe the closer they become, but Joe's secret and Avery's unresolved feelings for Dylan could alter the reunion brewing between the two exes.


With Collins exit around the corner, it's unclear what Y&R plans to do with her character. In my opinion, I say the show will recast the role. For the time being, they'll write Avery off by having her leave town, then reappear a couple of months later. Avery is in the center of a storyline at the moment so I wouldn't expect the show to kill her off, although with the way Y&R has been lately anything's possible.

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