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The Young and the Restless: 2017 Predictions

Updated on January 1, 2017

2016 was a banner year for The Young and the Restless. It saw the firing of executive producer Jill Farren Phelps along with head writer Chuck Pratt. Y&R fans rejoiced at the news, many voiced their disgust over Phelps and Pratt’s direction of the show.

Fans got their wish when new producer Mal Young took the show’s reigns. It was soon followed by the hiring of former Y&R head writer, Sally Sussman Molina. Joining Molina at the writer’s table is fellow writer and story consultant Kay Alden.

It’s only been a month since the new regime took over, but fans have quickly noticed a difference in the show.

Some applaud the changes, while others are still critical.

Like many fans I’m still adjusting to the new regime. There’s still work to be done to the show and as a fan there are certain things I’d like to see for the show.

So here is my wishlist for things I want for Y&R in 2017.


Dylan Recast

I know not many fans liked the character. I had my gripes with Dylan, yet within the past few weeks I’ve come to like the character. The way he stuck by Sharon’s side during the Christian reveal showed depth to his character.

I’ve come to love Sharon and Dylan as a couple. Sharon Case and Steve Burton had great chemistry together. In their scenes, you can see the emotions

I would love to see the show recast Dylan because I feel they’re not finished with this storyline. It won’t be the same without Steve Burton, but with the right actor in the role, they can continue with Dylan and Sharon’s story.


End the Chick Pairing

Nick and Chelsea aka Chick, are becoming the new couple of the show. Ever since Adam’s “death”, in which Nick took over looking after Chelsea and Conor, fans knew it was a matter of time before the pairing turned romantic.

Last week, the pair finally kissed, which caused an outcry with viewers. Many fans are against the pairing, while there are a few supporters.

I’m one of the one who are anti Chick.

Joshua Morrow and Melissa Claire Egan are good actors, yet their characters are lacking chemistry. It feels like the show is forcing something that just isn’t there.

As much as I want the pairing to end, I know it’s not going to happen. 2017 is going to be all about Chick, that is until Adam returns.

Adam Returns

We all know Adam didn’t die in that explosion, despite the evidence that suggest he did.

Fans are curious to know when Adam is going to return and who will be playing the role. Rumors have been circulating that Michael Muhney could be reprising the role, although no confirmation has been given.

In a recent interview, Molina said there are no plans to bring Adam back anytime soon. This comes as dismay to Adam fans, yet I wouldn’t fret. While it may not be anytime soon, I do expect Adam to return in the later part of 2017.

When he does, expect him to wreck havoc on his dear brother Nick, who’s making moves on Adam’s wife, Chelsea.


Hevon Breakup

The show has been building towards this for weeks.

Ever since taking over GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary have been at odds over the direction of the show. As Hilary’s star power grew, she wanted to show the gossip of the town, while Devon wanted to stick with positive stories.

Add in Mariah becoming the new host of the show, and more problems ensued for the couple.

Devon has reached his breaking point with Hilary’s antics and I feel a divorce is in the couple’s future.

The show is leaning towards a Mariah and Devon pairing, which I’m all for. As for Hilary, I’m thinking she’ll be going back to Neil.


Jack and Billy Feud

The Abbott brothers have been at odds ever since Billy’s affair with Jack’s wife, Phyllis.

Jack has been set out on revenge. He’s made Phyllis and Billy’s lives hell by succumbing Phyllis to work in a cramped office at Jabot. As for Billy, Jack’s excluded him from the family, then tried to shut down Brash and Sassy.

This year their feud is going to continue and I have a feeling it’s going to be amped up even more. Despite breaking things off, I sense Phyllis and Billy aren’t done. Sure, Victoria and Billy appear to be on course for reconciliation. But the arrival of Reed is sure to cause trouble for the couple. So look for round 2 of Philly.

As for Jack, just as he realizes he’s still in love with Phyllis, that’s when he’s going to discover she’s went back to Billy. Jack’s need for revenge will continue as he makes a romantic play for Victoria.


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