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The Youtubers Struggle: What you don't know

Updated on May 6, 2016

The Struggle for Youtubers

Everyone dreams of being famous in this world especially when it comes to youtube. People making videos to entertain the viewers while, at the same time, make money off the videos as well. However, as viewers see video makers having the time of their lives, they don't know about the serious hardship youtubers go through on a daily basis. First, youtubers have to make their videos oscar-worthy performances in order to gather viewers to their channel. Its a painstakingly hard task to do all the time. This requires a person to look good, smile for the camera, and say/do things out of the ordinary. Of course, they may make it look easy but it really isn't. Secondly, a youtube channel needs to have great quality equipment. Now before I keep going, I want to say that you can use crappy equipment to make videos. What I mean is that in order for a youtuber to really start generating some high revenue for his/her channel, high quality videos are the best way. You see, viewers look for videos that are funny and are easy to connect with. If they aren't, then a person is not going to watch them.

Thirdly, a youtuber must be consistent with their video making. Alot of aspiring youtubers have this trouble all the time. Maybe something comes up or your computer shuts down, it just happens all the time. Creating videos at a constant rate isn't easy. Youtubers make sure that the viewers get the high quality content or at least some kind of content that they know that they deserve. Fourth, a youtuber must watch what they say in their videos. Now as we all know, the internet is full of lies. There is no telling whether or not something on the internet is true which is why security systems exist today. A youtuber must be true to his/her word or he/she could get into some serious trouble for it. Fifth, a youtuber doesn't just do what he does for mere fun. He/She also makes videos in order to make money. You won't find too many youtubers making videos just because its fun. They also want to make a profit in order to pay for things like bills. Unfortunately, There aren't too many youtubers who can make enough money to do this.

As you can see, youtubers have many things to look for when creating content for viewers. It takes a high level of patience in order to do what they do. You think people like Markiplier or Pewdiepie had it easy being famous. They had to work their way up in order to be in the position that they're in today. Remember this because it may come in handy someday. Youtubers handle a whole bunch of stuff that many can't handle. Honor the youtubers and subscribe out of respect for what they are trying to accomplish.


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