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Photo gallery wall

Updated on December 17, 2017

The moments captured

Photo gallery is a way to organize different photographs. It can be organised in a wall, in digital devices or anywhere people like. We always stop by to have pictures taken of the beautiful memories we have encountered in our whole lifetime. The pleasure we get when we look at these pictures after is definitely not to be explained. That's one thing about photos. It freezes the time and captures the beautiful moments. What can be more contending than to keep alive the beautiful memories in front of you and stay with it everyday! An instant of time we cherish no matter how many years have passed through.

“…this is the problem with photographs. After a while, you can’t remember if you’re recalling the actual memory or the memory of the photograph.

Or perhaps the photograph is the only reason you remember that moment. ”

— ― Michael Zadoorian, The Leisure Seeker

When it becomes more interesting...

Going through the photo galleries always bring us a happiness which we cannot express. The entertainment, the joyous laughter it gives is always amazing. To add more to this entertainment, you can write your past moments and experiences when that photograph was clicked. It will definitely add more fun. Sharing those experiences with family and friends will be fascinating.

When after so many years, you go through your photo gallery and try to remember the awesome moments, it gives a refreshment and some joyous laughter. And putting words to these thoughts will make that instant go back in time..

People nowadays create digital photo galleries in mobile. To add more to the craft ideas, favorite photos are often printed in dishes, mugs, tshirts and so on. Nowadays photo applications play an important role in our lives and this is because everyone loves to share their beautiful memories with people they care.

To add more to your craft ideas, here I have described about photo gallery wall you can make at your home. Give your painted walls a new look!

Making gallery walls at home

Why to leave a painted wall empty in your room? Let it display your favorite photos, artwork and designs. You will find so many different ways to decorate it and make it look amazing. Arrange all the photos in a pattern you like, with different frame sizes, and just create a beautiful story out of it. I bet the results will be awesome and you will fall in love with your own artwork.

Get your old photos, resize it according to your frame size, and think for the most appropriate pattern before arranging them on the wall. You can also add some of your own craft work like colorful paper cutouts to match with your photos, or cutouts of your favorite artwork and designs. It will make your gallery look more colorful and bright. Scatter all the frames in a pattern but make sure you keep them little aligned at the top and bottom. One more idea is to write about your beautiful memories below the photos. It will add more life to the gallery wall.

An amazing thing about photo gallery wall is that you can wake up to find your favorite photo pasted on the wall in front of you. The happiness you will feel then is beyond words.

“I used to capture the vastness and the immensity of the world and confine it to the limited pages of the parchment.”

— ― Hark Herald Sarmiento

Being where you want to be

The wide walls in your room can be used to paste a picture of something you would love to go; be it of the place you want to visit in your lifetime, your favorite sport or just anything.

You can also make a photo gallery in wall without using frames. You can hang it in shirt hangers, or use cloth clips to hang photos on a string. One advantage of using cloth clips is that you can easily change the photos when you need to and just hang a new photo to change the look on your wall. You can also use clipboards to paste the photos to make it look like something's on the background (like a frame).

Did you ever make a photo gallery wall?

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