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The Best Movies With Rappers in Them

Updated on March 8, 2018


Crime fighting movies are big in the industry. They are thrillers that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. The best thing about them is the fact that no matter how familiar you are about them, you can't stop watching them. The 90s was my era. I remember movies like The Goodfellas, Lethal Weapon, Pulp Fiction, Heat, The Usual Suspects and many more. In the 2000’s crime movie dramas was still at large. Especially with today's technology. You have today's technology to help you relay your message. Some of the greatest movie writers have started writing novels first. Some started out with plays like Tyler Perry. Some just went into the field and took it by storm like I plan to do myself. The thing about crime movies is that the role players are really not hard to find. I am surely an action movie junkie. Can’t get enough of the thrillers. Today, I am more focused on actually writing them and sharing some tips for others to do the same. While writing them the first thing I learned to understand is that I must always keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. I maintain focus on keeping the viewers engaged so I make it compelling. Last but not least I must include an actual crime in my plot. Once upon a time, crime movies were starring rappers. Juice in 1992 with rapper 2 pac, who’s the man in 1993 staring ed lover and Dr.Dre. Above the Rim with rapper 2 Pac and Belly starring DMX and Nas in 1998. In the 90’s it was stronger than it is now. In the 2000’s there were 3 popular movies with headlining rappers are 8 Mile (Eminem), ATL (T.I, Big Boi), Get Rich or Die Trying ( 50 Cent).

8 Mile

8 mile (2002) stars rapper Eminem. It's about his life before he became a rapper and how his claim to fame just was not easy. The film was obviously based on a true story. The film's title is derived from the 8-mile highway in Michigan dividing Detroit and Wayne County Michigan. The film was filmed mostly in Detroit. Enimen’s character was B-Rabbit. B-Rabbit was a blue-collar worker from a poor family, struggling with the aspects of his life. Staying in a run-down trailer, he was grateful. He worked and was rapping in underground battles. He also battled insecurities. He eventually overcame them. He worked at a car factory but due to the issues he had at home, he was always late to work. Still, his supervisor worked with him. To show his gratitude he got better. Started to act more professional. Working extra shifts and making the money he needed. Despite all of that his mother was still being evicted from their home. She tried to keep it a secret but B-Rabbit found out. Being the talented rapper that he is, he took it more seriously. He still kept his old job but he had more confidence in his future.

Get Rich or Die Tryin

Get Rich or Die Tryin(2005) is very similar to 8 mile. It was about the life of one of the biggest rappers on the hip-hop scene. Curtis “50 cent” Jackson. It is also his album that was released in 2003. It was his acting debut. 50 cent played a young boy named Marcus. He loved his drug-dealing mother dearly. The life he always lived was very comfortable. Despite the way he was taken care of his mom was rarely there. He was always with his grandparents while she went off doing transactions. It comes to an end after she is murdered. He is forced to live with them full-time. Her murder devastates Marcus as a child. Despite the hurt, he still works. Making an honest living for himself but as he got older he welcomed a life of crime and seeks to get revenge on the guy that killed his mother. He wanted nothing to do with legal work. He dropped out of school to pursue what he dreamed about. Started selling drugs full-time. As an adult, he did not stop. He reunited with an old friend. Along with him reuniting with that old friend he was also put in jail. He is put in prison as well. During that experience, Marcus decided to stop pursuing that dream and pursue his as a rapper. Marcus is later released from prison. He is offered to become larger on the drug scene but he rejects it to pursue his music. As a result, his career is sabotaged before even getting off of the ground but Marcus still does not stop but he does one more favor for a friend of his. He robs a Columbian safe house. He also has a death threat to him. After robbing the house Marcus is shot but he does not die. He comes out with his mouth wired shut and still pursues his music. Marcus then finds out who killed his mother. Despite him wanting revenge Marcus does not kill him. Someone else does.


ATL (2006) is based on the life of Dallas Austin and T-Boz of the group TLC upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia. It is based on a true story staring Atlanta based rapper T.I and rapper Big Boi. T.I plays a teenaged boy named Rashad living with his uncle. He and his friends love to skate. One of the est skate crews in Atlanta. He and his brother work with his. Their uncle took them in them in while young after their parents died in a car accident. The uncle not only took them in he allowed them to work with him. Rashad was concerned that his brother was getting into the wrong crowd because of his behavior. Later in the film, his concerns became reality when his brother is involved with drug dealer Marcus (Big Boi). His younger brother was selling drugs. Rashad later confronts Marcus as Marcus is looking for his brother on the streets. The two end up in a brawl that but Marcus falls. After the dispute they all look to change their lives and fulfill their dreams.


These rappers still acted after it. Eminem was in Cradle to the Grave (2003) Funny People (2009) and Last Flag Flying (2017). 50 Cent played in All Things Fall Apart (2011), Freelancers (2012) and Southpaw (2015). T.I is is still in movies but he is playing roles. They are still significant but not as big as the one he played. He played in Takers (2010), Get Mad (2015) and Antman (2015). Currently, the ex-rappers are directing and producing with little acting acting. For example Ice-T, RZA, Cam’Ron, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and more. Some of them have their kids acting like Ice Cube. Ice Cube is one of the hottest ex-rappers on the big screen. He starred in hit movies over the years and since 2000 he starred in Ride Along 1 and 2 with comedian Kevin Hart, XXX (2017), and he starred in all the Barbershop movies. He also produced. Ice Cube’s son played him in the movie Straight Out of Compton (2015). The movie was a biopic about the group N.W.A. Ice Cube was in John Singletons Boyz In the Hood, rapper Method Man and his friend who was also a rapper (Redman) was in How High and rapper Master P was in I Got the Hookup. Rappers in movies have been big. It's big business. Just not as big as it used to be.

Which is Your Favorite movie with a rapper in it?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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