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The best part of Star Wars that we didn't mention yet

Updated on March 28, 2016

Vintage I am!

The Star Wars that nobody talks about

Star Wars has created a bridge in the age gap. When viewed in a general perspective, there are many examples of this.

In 1977, Sir Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing played major roles in 'A New Hope'. In 1999 you have Ian McDiarmond continuing his role as the Emperor in 'Attack Of The Clones' where you also have Christopher Lee antagonizing as Count Dooku. Not long after the torch is passed from director-apprentice, George Lucas, it is handed to the Disney Enterprise like a lightsaber heirloom. The new movie 'The Force Awakens' brings back Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels and many others. Just to add to tradition, Max Von Sydow plays a character who appears to have seen Empire hell and came back.

Would it be hard to convince you that our modern age has brought much irrelevance to becoming older. The youth spends so much time concerned with personal achievement and social milestones. The majority of everyone gets lost in this 'interconnected' world of technology. We easily turn a blind eye to those we love as they sit in Nursing Homes. We praise the accomplishments of someone's life, when they have suddenly passed. It is the sign of the times that seriously does bother me.

Yet, here is Peter Mayhew reprising his role as Chewbacca. He discussed with the crew and masters of the new universe about his inability to walk. Doesn't matter, they will record him waist up and do whatever it takes to make sure that the original, older and disadvantaged actor is involved in the production. That is quite amazing to me. Can't help but feel a 'New Hope' for mankind when recognition is given to someone that is too humble to even demand such a thing.

I am not Native American at all. There is much about that culture that appeals to me. The idea that the elders would pass down stories and share their memories and realizations with all of whom would listen, is a very fortunate exchange. The best advice for all the questions in life that festers in your brain will always have an answer from somebody who has lived it.

The new Star Wars revolution has a flame burning that has been carrying on a beautiful tradition. Let us recognize and hope that the idea never gets pushed aside. The knowledge of life comes from all of those before us, that we may never let go, if only we share the message.

“When 900 years old, you reach… Look as good, you will not.” - Yoda

Keep vintage.


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