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The building where Hitler was born about to be confiscated

Updated on April 10, 2016

"We are considering issuing laws, allows to change the owner of this property and moved on to the Government of Austria. This is the only way to avoid the buildings used for the purpose of the followers of the new fascism ", AFP yesterday quoted Karl-Heinz Grundboeck, spokesman for the Austrian Interior Ministry said.

According to Mr. Grundboeck, the decision was made after many years of consideration, the plan will also include a compensation for Ms. Gerlinde Pommer, is the owner of the building. But he Grundboeck not disclose the purpose of use of the facility.

The building was leased from the Government in 1972, for many years was the center of disabled people. However to 2011 it vacant when Ms. Pommer refused to allow the upgrade.

Local people said, the building still attracts the attention of those who follow the new fascism, despite it has no particular sign of Hitler. The only connection to the past is the rock outside the building that says: "never again fascism. In memory space of the thousands who were wiped out ". The name of Hitler's fascist bosses do not appear.

There are many who put forward the proposal on the use of the building after the confiscated, it was converted into apartments, is central to the education of adults, a museum or center used to condemn what the Nazis had done. A Russian Senator has proposed buying back and demolish it.

Hitler was born in the building in the town of Braunau am Inn in April 1889. Hitler's family lived in the Salzburger Vorstadt several weeks before moving to Braunau. They left town when Hitler three years.

Hitler is the head of Nazi Germany from 1933 until his death at the end of World War II in 1945. Nazi Germany was at war with the invasion of Poland in 1939, wiped out thousands of people, mainly Jews in the Holocaust genocide.


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