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The day the dead freeze weird in America

Updated on April 10, 2016

The day the dead freeze (Frozen Dead Guy Days) is one of those quirky and fun festivals in the world. In March every year, thousands of people in Nederland, Colorado, United States of America will gather together to celebrate the event found the mummies of Bredo Morstoel revival waiting cold.

Visitors from all over the United States and around the world to the annual freezing dead Day to participate in the fun activities at the Festival. Many bizarre and interesting events are held such as the hearse parade in downtown Nederland, dead costume contest, contest dancing on ice ponds, tossing frozen salmon and frozen Turkey bowling.

All events of the Festival are free. However if you buy VIP card to participate in the Festival will come with more tours of huts where have mummies Bredo. On every Saturday at noon is the time coffin race takes place. Each team must have carried the coffin there is a "dead" inside and see who finished the race first. This year's Festival began on March 3.

In 1989, a Norwegian citizen, Trygve brought dead people he too tried to name Bredo Morstoel to America. Competition can be preserved in the ice during the trip and stored in liquid nitrogen at the facility pending embalming revived Trans Time in San Leandro, California from 1990 to 1993. In 1993, Bredo body back into dry ice, moved to Nederland where Trygve and his mother, Mrs. Aud planned to build his own cryonics facility.

Cryonisc is the method of clinical death, then preserved in cold conditions awaiting the future not far from progressive medicine will cause them to revive. When Trygve was deported from the United States of America, his mother continued to keep his body in the shack behind House Bredo. But, faced with the danger of being evicted from the House, she decided to publish with Aud local media about his Mummy Bredo. At that time, the City launched the new rules regarding the prohibition to hold the whole or any part of the human body. However, due to the attention of public opinion, Bredo Mummy case is persisted in the cold preservation status in Nederland.

People and local media handed the sentence specializes he Bredo. In 2002, the idea that the Festival, the theme freeze dead, from which is celebrated every year with many exciting activities to attract more tourists to the Nerderland.


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