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The end of America 10 - A waste of time

Updated on August 26, 2011

I just wasted a hour of my life ;0(

I recently saw a commercial on CNBC that asks you to go to a website called THE END OF AMERICA 10 to watch a video on how the American dollar is going to collapse & what you can do to "protect" yourself.

Basically it is just a hour and 17 minutes of video text with a droning voice, using scare tactics,fear & even the recent collapse on Wall st. to try to get you to subscribe to a newsletter for $49.00 a year. He is giving a discount, it is regularly $100.00, hmmmmmm imagine that!

Don't waste your time visiting this site, you will have to endure 77 minutes of fear mongering that you cannot fast forward, it just keeps going & going.

The site is operated by Porter Stansberry - If you want to learn more about the guy who is claiming to know your financial future click here

Don't waste your time watching The End of America

It is a waste of time. I think he could be a con artist,but I would not recommend watching it.

God-Bless us all

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.


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  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Thanks for all the comments

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 

    7 years ago from Ohio, USA

    The radio spots assert that "this man" predicted the demise of General Motors and some other big companies. He didn't count on a taxpayer bailout or Cash for Clunkers.

  • Fluffy77 profile image


    7 years ago from Enterprise, OR

    Very informative and useful here about today's crazy financial issues. thanks for sharing.

  • magnoliazz profile image


    7 years ago from Wisconsin

    Nice hub great subject...thanks!

    I also saw this video. I have to say that I found it pretty interesting, howeve I doubt that America will lose its reserve dollar status. People simply have no idea the vast wealth of America.

    America did not lose real wealth, all those homes are still standing, all our businesses are ready to go again as soon as the orders come in. Sure we did lose a lot of paper wealth, so what? Maybe I just don't know that much about the financial world, but so far all the dire predictions have not come true.

    The reason I enjoy watching stuff like the End of America is so that I can go back months later when everything is still fine and see just how wrong these people really are.

    America is what it is today because we believe we can make a better world. THAT is the dream of America and we all have to just hold on and believe it can happen.

  • AngelaKaelin profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    I clicked a link for that and it looked like a scam! Thanks for the confirmation. I think we all know what to do without Porter Stansbury charging us a bunch of paper money to hear it! :-)


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