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The five (5) most horrifying movies ever!

Updated on June 30, 2014

Dead? Oh I don't think so!

A Sound...of EVIL

Oh my!

Here are five movies you won't be able to forget, no matter what you do!

Get ready for the shrink and the couch!

5. Dracula-Dead and loving it! Who knows horror and terrifies you like Leslie Neilson? Really, who?

4. Of Mice and Men- Not very scary you say? Well you go tell it to any elephant that you may know! Try that! Oh, and beware...elephants never forget!

3. The Sound of Music- Don't believe what they tell you! The hills are alive alright, ALIVE WITH.....EVIL! Run, run everyone!

2. The Wizard of Oz- Lions and tigers and bears OH MY. The movie that made us believe, just like the cowardly lion did!

And beware and take is the worst

1. The original Muppet Movie! Few things are scarier than a frog in a swamp with a heart of stone. I was terrified at what he might do with that banjo next!

Now, I hope this teaches all of you a lesson when it come to taking my lists too serious! Life is our own movie. Let it be a happy one!

A great deal...of grief that is!

Oh the horror of it all!


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