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The history of Spider Man.

Updated on April 9, 2014

An unusual hero.

Spidey is one of a kind. I used to collect his comic books back in the 60's. What impressed me about this Super Hero is his problems and that there was no end in sight. There was,always, something new. A first of its kind, it was rare to see some happy endings, Here is how I see Spider man.Five major reasons why I like this character!----

1- A first of its kind.

What comes to mind when we say the word Spider Man? Action? Drama? Suspense? For many, Spider Man is all that and more. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider Man came on the scene on Aug 1962 on the comic book Amazing Fantasy. Forget the Super hero who rescues the damsel in distress all the time. Stan and Steve wanted to do something different. This hero was, actually, a teenager with a lot of problems and hangups.Teenagers in the past would be cast as sidekicks such as Robin or Bucky Barnes. This teenager would be different and unusual! This teenager would be a superhero and, actually, human with a series of endless problems.

2- In the beginning.

Spider Man began with Peter Parker. While attending an experiment with radiation at school, he got bit by a spider. No big deal, right? Wrong, this spider got zapped with radioactive rays and upon biting the young Parker, it died. Afterwards, something unusual happened, Parker was endued with amazing strength and could leap big distances. When a pair of bullies tried to intimate him, Peter swung at them and bent the lamp post. Terrified, the young punks ran away in stark terror!

3- Great Power comes with responsibilities

With his family falling into debt, Peter decides to make money out of his new found talent. He created a unique costume,and starts to wrestle with a strong man, winning first prize. According to the comic book, A thief ran from a robbery and past Parker. The cop that was chasing him, rebuked him for not stopping the felon. Parker just walked away, totally indifferent to the whole situation. Little did he know, the same thief would wind up robbing Uncle Ben and Aunt May, while Parker was away. The thief shot Uncle Ben and winded up murdering him. This time, Parker dressed as Spider Man, went after him. Upon capturing him, he noticed that it was the same thief that he had allowed to escape.

4- From comics books to the movies.

In the middle 60's, Spider Man went from the comic books to the cartoons. It was created by Stan Lee and Johnny Romita, who had just taken over the artwork from Steve Ditko. Steve Ditko went on to draw the Blue Beetle and for DC comics. If you like comic artwork, Steve Ditko's art is a must see. John Romita wasn't too far behind. He enhanced the artwork, carrying it to greater heights. When the Spider Man cartoon came on the scene, it was true to format in Marvel style. I will download a video of it for your enjoyment. It is fun to watch.

5- Problems after problems. .

Yes, young Peter Parker was plagued with problems! Some of which was lack of finances, being harassed at school by Flash Thompson, suffering a sprang arm at the hands of the Lizard and even having developed ulcers. This is what made Spider Man unique. It was a series of stories to be continued and left you feeling sorry for the kid. No boring happy ending, but a story filled with realities. Well, that is my take on Spider Man. Feel free to leave your thoughts. What is your favorite Spider Man story? Mines is-"Spider Man no more!" which came out of issue 50. Until next time, you Spider Man fans, write- I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Spider Man- 70's TV series


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