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The labyrinth a Jim Henson film

Updated on January 22, 2012

The beginning

A great film by Jim Henson made in 1986 creator of the muppets, takes you through an adventure of a lost baby and a journey to the Goblin kings castle. Sarah ( Jennifer Connely) is your average teenage girl. You start the scene off by following Sarah to an open area in which she is reading from a fable the labyrinth. " Dangers untold, and hardship's un-numbered. I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the goblin city, to take back the child you have stolen from me". The bell rings and Sarah must rush home to her father and step-mother. You catch her character being over dramatic like any teen girl, and rushes to her bedroom, as she must once again babysit Toby her baby brother. Her bear is missing from her room, so she rushed to her brothers bedroom and sees the bear on the floor. She goes into a rampage and Toby then begins to cry. " Say your words" the goblin says, and finally Sarah who was succumb to the urge to no longer feel despair from the stress of life, exits the room with one last remark. " I really wish the goblins will take you away". Silence is plagued in the room as Toby's crying seem to have vanished. Sarah is confused and the Goblin king played by David Bowie appears. " Turn back Sarah" his words heeds her of the upcoming obstacle she must face through Goblin city to make it to the castle to save her brother.

The journey

Sarah then begins her quest through the labyrinth to try and save her baby brother Toby. Sarah stumbles upon a Dwarf named Hoggle. She summons his assistance but the Dwarf is rude and strays away, and will only speak to her if the price is right. The goblin king Jareth acquires that Hoggle lead Sarah back to the beginning of the labyrinth in hopes that she will give up. If Hoggle disobeys he then will be dipped into the bog of eternal stench. Sarah then comes to two resolutions at this point.

A-Things are not always as they seem.

b-That the labyrinth is not very fair in its conquest to be conquered.

Sarah then must make her way through the rest of the labyrinth as time is not her friend. She then meets another interesting character Ludo, a giant beast with the ability to summon rocks. This character Ludo is really interesting as you are unable to believe that such a huge beast is so nice and friendly. They join together in hoes of making it out of the labyrinth and into the goblin city.

The forgetful fruit

Hoggle then is persuaded to give Sarah a fruit that will make her forget about her quest and keep her lost in the labyrinth forever. Betraying her trust, Sarah then is taken into her bedroom by a merchant in which she has forgotten and unable to remember her main goal. She tries to remember when suddenly the book from which she was reading from is laying right in front of her. She opens the book and begins to read from it. Nostalgic to her recent ambition she then begins to realize that she is an a illusion. She is then saved by her friends that she has made on her quest to the castle.

A fun video

Goblin cities attack

Sarah and her friends have then breached the Goblin city gate. Eager to venture and finish her quest, the gate then turns in to a weapon and they must battle the weapon statue in order to progress through the city. Hoggle showing brave courage and loyalty, then succumbs the weapon statue to its destruction and explains his lament concerns for what he has done. Finally able to move on, Sarah then must make haste through the city to the castle. Is it a war or so you would think, The goblins then prepare for war in the city in which a huge battle is taken place. Ludo then calls upon the rocks in which they completely obliterate the city. Sarah finally reached the castle in which she must go alone to complete her quest. She is confronted by the goblin king and strung through a puzzle of stairs. Believing in herself she jumps off the edge to try and save her brother, when time and space then is at a still. Jareth the goblin king and Sarah must finally face each other one on one. He tries to convince Sarah that he could give her everything that she ever dreamed off. Sarah apathetic to his pleas, must complete the line in the story to end everything and go back to her world. " You have no power over me" Sarah then completing the quest is taken back to her house. Sarah then rushes to see if Toby is in his room and to her astonishment he is. She lays the bear beside him and goes to her bedroom. She sees illusions of her friends that she left and is saddened to see them vanish forever. Hoggle speaks of the friendship they have and Sarah pleas that she need everyone every know and then. Happy to her reply, everyone soon appears in her room to have on last celebration together for completing the quest of the labyrinth.


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    • JBlovesDance profile image

      JBlovesDance 5 years ago from San Rafael

      Great to remember this fabulous film! THose pictures are awesome!

    • zell12 profile image

      zell12 5 years ago

      Yes one of Jim Henson's best film in my opinion, the dark crystal was another good one. I appreciate your feed back.

    • mjwilliamson profile image

      MJ 5 years ago from Right Here

      This was one of my favorite movies growing up. Great hub!