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The last Minutes of "Legend of Korra": Korra and Asami Leaving

Updated on December 27, 2014

So Legend of Korra ended. We closed on a picture of the main character and her friend walk into the spirit portal to find a new adventure, or perhaps just a peaceful place to rest. One last piece of information was given us, though. The creators confirmed that Korra and Asami were indeed lesbians, or bisexuals given their previous history. This did not really come as a surprise. The show had teased this several times this last season, but the creators would not have been allowed to show it to any detail by the heads. Perhaps they should not have put it in, after all their restrictions mean that they could not allow the relationship to grow, it always had to be hidden from sight. Pushing the boundaries is great, but the creators here just struggled within them, and the romantic relationship suffers from it.

My main problem with the ending is not related to the character's lesbianism, however, but their travel. I just feel like the entire team should have been there for the ending. Bolin is hardly seen after the final battle, and Mako and Korra have a short conversation together. Mako was certainly hurt when he learned that Korra had only talked to Asami the last few years, and now it happens again: the friend group breaks up, with Korra and Asami leaving the others behind. My real problem is that I would have wanted Bolin and Mako, the first friends Korra made in Republic city, to travel with Korra and Asami. The ending should have had them all, not just the love couple, instead we ended on team Avatar silently breaking up.


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