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The Real Housewives of New York City

Updated on August 9, 2010

You know these ladies of NYC

The "real" housewives? Or the whiners of NYC?

Working 3rd shift gives me lots of time on my nights off of work to relax and be lazy. Usually I don't watch reality television as it just seems surreal to me. And quite frankly I just don't think it to amusing. But one night channel surfing I came across the show The 'Real' Housewives of New York City. As I settled in to watch pretty much the ONLY thing on television at that time of night I became intrigued. And more and more started watching it and soon began looking them up online. Only to form opinions mind you. And here are some the conclusions I have come to.

These women who call themselves "housewives" need a reality check. They are not "housewives" by any means. If anything they are whiny selfish annoying women who have nothing better to do with their time than to gossip fight and shop. If only I had the luxury to do such things!

Now I don't know about you but I've always been taught that the 'housewife' tends to the house and kids. Keeping food made, attending PTA meetings, play dates, etc. Not going on live television and making asses out of themselves (now excuse my language but it's true)

The only "real" housewife I see on that show is the lovely Alex McCord. She is a busy mother of two, devoted wife, and carrer woman. She has a sensible head on her shoulders. And good for her.

Jill on the other hand......the QUEEN of the whiners! If that woman isn't the center of every one's universe WATCH OUT.

Bethany is, I feel, finally figuring out herself in the midst of all of this with a baby on the way and newly engaged.

Ramona is a career woman as well and is trying to balance being friends with everyone and keeping the peace. But as I see it she just needs to give up and live her own life.

LuAnn is caught in the dark ages. Sorry hunny it is 2010! The status that you held of being a Countess or whatever it is, is over. And we are in the good old USA. Where that status pretty much holds NO meaning for you! Get over yourself and thinking you are soooo much better than everyone else! Pick up a rag and do some dirty work for a change instead of having everything handed to you and maybe, just maybe you can actually appreciate those of us that WORK for a living.

Kelly just need to check herself into a clinic because that woman has gone nuts!

And I really don't know to much about Sonja, so there isn't much to say. I think the above mentioned women scare her a bit. And if there is anything to say to her it is RUN and RUN far away from all of that drama.

Who cares what the "Society pages" think! Grow up ladies and get a real life!


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    • profile image

      escfrmhel 6 years ago

      i hate ramona and bethany .....ramona is somewhat very ambitious .bethany is a paranoid ....there was once this episode where in its her birthday and jill just ask her about her boyfriends gift later then she just went gaga over the question and answered some stupid hipee addict response. i love lu-ann she is gentle and kind and her made rosy is a filipino hahaha since i am a filipino i can truly say she treats her housemaid with respect . i hate alex and simon , always bragging about nothing trying to impress everyone but the truth is they cannot discipline their kids ...again one episode where in jill set a dinner party for them then the kids went wacko and shouts at ramona wahhhhhhh wahhhhhh stupid baby hahahaha .

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Well, I confess without shame that I've never watched that show and probably never will, though I understand about wee-hour TV. The choices are severely limited. I sometimes even gather the nerve to turn the darned thing OFF.

      Your assessment of the women's personalities is interesting though. It's possible that you've outlined a list of what is too real in today's world, at least in this country. Too many spoiled brats with no regard for any but their own whims or else fear that they're not good enough at being that shallow. No wonder guys are fed up with women at times, and prefer their own gender for real freinds and companions. It's amazing how they really hunger for a real woman in their lives, one capable of sharing their interests as well as demanding her own way and all that rot. Your assessment of that "reality" show is possibly high among the reasons they have such difficulty finding such a gal to share their hopes and dreams for a good and productive life!

      Anyway, my philosophy is to live and let live and try to be one less fly in the ointment of life. Also - I'm a big supporter of the good parents who do teach their kids to be fair-minded as well as self-sufficient. We need more of those. Some pulling up of the bootstraps may be in order!