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The night runner syndrome

Updated on July 5, 2009

Have you heard of the night runner syndrome? When I was a child growing there was this people called night runners. Believe even today the night runners are still a live and kicking

Who is the night runner?

You’ve been wondering who the night runner is by now, the simplest definition which were given these particular behavior was a person who runs at night. Any body found runner in the night was called a night runner, which was a very great taboo in the society to be associated with

Is the night runner harmless?

Although these people are feared, they are believed not to be causing harm to any person who may come into contact when they are on duty running. It is believe that they sometime enjoy when you fear, but would escort you to your destination without harm. In other words night runners could offer some protection at night

How does night runner accomplish their duties?

They are cunning people who enjoyed every bit of the moment; night runner may opt to go alone to the field, or may choose to be accompanied by any domestic animal like cows, but they can opt for some very unlikely wild animals like leopards and monitor lizards

Very scary animals, they could climb on the back of these animals, like a person riding on a horse back, with them they could a very large distance just doing the jig

How to catch a night runner

There were many methods designed to trap these people, but the most commonly practiced were leaving your door unclosed at night, this was done because when runner they normally hit the door with their back, in the event that he hit your door, he will definitely fall down on the floor. The other method used to be practiced was eating cold food, it is believe that by eating cold food, you be able to get them without their knowledge, but if you check keenly cold food will not keep you asleep, giving a more chance of catching the night runner

Night runners are said to enjoy running naked be it a man or a woman. Many people are nolonger practicing night running although in some few cases it still exist, many people fears being seen as night runners, and would want to play safe


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