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The Origins of Frozen

Updated on December 20, 2014
Snow Queen
Snow Queen


You have probably heard about the New Jersey woman that is claiming Disney stole her story for Frozen. The lady is suing Disney for $250 million and Disney says "Let it go".

So lets take a look at the real origins of Frozen. It is actually thought to be based on the classic fairy tale The Snow Queen and this blog is a short overview of the original fairy tale.

The fairy tale "Sneedronningen" (danish for Snow Queen) was written by Hans
Christian Andersen. The tale was first published in December of 1844.

The story is known to be the longest, most complicated, most beautiful and complex tale. It is about a young girl in search of her best friend who was taken by the Snow Queen.

Many musicals, movies and stage plays originated from this wonderful fairy tale.

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Background Information

A long, long time ago evil trolls created a mirror that distorted everything that it reflected. The mirror was hiding the good and beautiful sights and made everything look ugly and bad. Even the most beautiful landscapes were believed to look like boiled spinach.

The evil trolls tried to carry the mirror into Heaven because they wanted to make fools out of angels. This evil plan failed and the mirror shattered into small pieces, some of them as small as a grain of sand.

The mirror's splinters found their way into peoples hearts and eyes. Once affected by the mirror's splinters, the best people became mean and faces became distorted and ugly in their view.

Gerda and Kay

Kay and Gerda were best friends and enjoyed spending their playtime on the connecting roofs of their homes. The families had planted window garden boxes on the roofs.

Splinters from the evil magic mirror eventually made their way into Kay's eye and heart. Poor Kay's heart turned into a piece of ice and his character became ugly. Kay ended up destroying he roses that grew in the window boxes. Kay also became aggressive towards his grandmother and no longer cared for Gerda as she seemed ugly to him because of his distorted views.

The only thing that Kay found beauty in were snowflakes that he observed under a magnifying glass.

Kay's Kidnapping

During winter, the village boys would connect their sleds onto passing carriages for a speedy ride.

As a beautiful carriage with the Snow Queen passed by one day, Kay attached his sleigh to the the Snow Queen's carriage.

The Queen pulled Kay in her carriage. She kissed him once to make him immune to the cold. She kissed him a second time to take his memories of Gerda and family away.

A third kiss would have been fatal and killed him. However, the Snow Queen did not kiss Kay a third time but took him with her to her ice palace

Snow Queen takes Kay
Snow Queen takes Kay

Map of Lapland (Finland) - The country where the Snow Queen's Castle is located

Gerda's Search for Kay

The people of the village believed Kay drowned in a river. Gerda was heartbroken and refused to believe that her best friend died.

Gerda went looking for Kay everywhere, she even offered her new shoes to the river in exchange for Kay. The river declined her offer but advised Gerda that Kay did not die.

On her journey to find her best friend, Gerda visited an old sorceress who had a beautiful garden that provided eternal summer. The sorceress wanted Gerda to stay forever and forget about Kay. The old women made all her roses grow below the ground because she knew they would remind Gerda of Kay.

One day when Gerda was crying over Kay, her tears made one of the rose bushes grow back above the ground. The bush told Gerda that it could see all the dead people below the ground but did not see Kay there. Gerda was relieved and knew that Kay did not die.

Gerda fled the old woman’s house and continued her journey to find her best friend. A crow told Gerda that Kay is with a prince and princess in their castle.


Where is Kay?

Gerda found out soon that Kay was not with the prince and princess in their palace. She noticed that the prince looked like Kay but it was not him. Gerda told her story and the couple gave her warm clothes and a beautiful coat.

Continuing her journey, poor Gerda was kidnapped by robbers and brought to their castle. In capture, Gerda befriended a young robber girl whose doves told Gerda that Kay can be found in the Snow Queen's castle in the direction of Lapland, up north.

Being sympathetic, the young robber girl freed Gerda and gave her a reindeer named Bae. Bae knew the direction to the Snow Queen's palace since he originally came from Lapland.

Gerda and Bae stopped at a Lapp woman’s home and a Finn woman’s home on their journey to find the Snow Queen. The Finn women told Bae that the secret to free Kay lays in Gerda’s unique power of a sweet and innocent child’s heart.

Inside the Snow Castle

Gerda finally reached the Snow Queen's palace but she was stopped by snowflakes that guarded the palace.

Gerda prayed the Lord’s Prayer which caused her breath to take on the shape of angels. The angel shapes resisted the snowflakes and allowed Gerda to enter the palace.

Inside the palace, Gerda found Kay alone and frozen on a frozen lake, called Mirror of Reasons. The Snow Queen had given Kay a task with the promise to release him if he can solve it. Kay was ordered to use ice like pieces to form words. If he was able to form the word “eternity”, the Snow Queen would release him. Kay was never able to solve the puzzle.

Get the full beautiful story here

Kay's task inside the Ice Palace
Kay's task inside the Ice Palace

Gerda's Love and the Release of Kay

When Gerda spotted Kay, she ran up to him and kissed him. Gerda’s joyful tears melted Kay’s ice heart and burned away the evil mirror splinters in his eyes. Kay also started crying. His feelings came back and his body warmed up. He was saved by the power of his best friend's love. Gerda and Kay danced around the ice lake and the puzzle pieces spelled "eternity" on their own. Kay was free.

The friends left the Snow Queen’s palace quickly with the help of Bae. On their way home, they stopped to visit the Lapp woman, the Finn woman and the young robber girl.

When the friends arrived home, they noticed that everything in the village was the same as when they left, except it was summertime. However, Gerda and Kay had changed in the meantime and had grown up.

At the end of the story, Kay’s grandmother read a passage from the bible:

"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven"

(Matthew 18:3).

Gerda and Kay return home
Gerda and Kay return home

Happy Ending

As with all fairy tales, there is a happy ending for the heroes. Not sure what happened to the villain the Snow Queen. As far as I know, the Snow Queen still travels throughout the world with her snow.

Snowy Worlds
Snowy Worlds

The Snow Queen's Travel

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