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The park is now open. Jurassic World Review

Updated on June 20, 2015



Director Colin Trevorrow may have audiences fooled but not me. Yes that's right; I am one of the few who didn't enjoy this picture and I will list some of my reasons why:

The park is now open and it draws thousands of people every year like Disneyworld, but attendance sky rockets when a new dinosaur is introduce and so once again our protagonists mess with nature, because they haven't learned from past mistakes, and they design a new beast known as the Indominus Rex! Ahhhhhh! Not really. Bryce Dallas Howard plays, Claire, the overseer of the park and invites her nephews to come along to the resort where she was going to unveil this new creature to the public. If there was a way they could tame it of course and get it public ready. Cue, Owen played by Chris Pratt, a raptor trainer who is the only one in the park who has common sense, :sigh: these cliches are getting really old for me, because no one listens to him until, of course, it is too late. He understands a manufactured dino, raised in captivity is just itching to discover where it fits in this world, as doctor Malcolm said in the first movie, "Life finds a way."

As I'm sure you know things go wrong, and based on the trailers, I'm not spoiling anything when I say this new dinosaur breaks free and starts to terrorize the park, leaving its creators clueless about how to catch it because they made it bigger and betterer! Probably what the filmmakers said when they were making this film. Now, while the first film and even the second, Lost World, tackled subjects on morality and corporate greed, this film just wants to jam pack as much cartoon dinosaurs into the screen eating people in order to up the scare factor, but it never really worked on me because there was nothing or no one I really cared for. All the characters were a hollow shell, and if you say you don't go to these movies for the characters well then you must not like the first movie because at least in that one we cared about our leads. And yes this film does have an anti-corporate message boiling underneath but it never really goes anywhere, when an interesting idea is quickly buried under cheap jokes, lazy CGI action there is nothing to really to get us involved in.

Now I don't want to seem cold because I know this is just a summer blockbuster to lose yourself in, but so was the first one, hell so was the second one and those where still fun. Wait. Am I actually mentioning Lost World in a positive light? Yes, I'm saying its alright to like Lost world now, at there was substance, especially in the first one, not to mention since it was the first movie to use computers they actually tried, and the blend between CGI dinos and robot ones worked really well. The animals here looked like they could fit into a computer animated film with fake people and it would be that same movie. I heard Jurassic Park 5 is in the works and I can't keep believing that people are still going to be dumb enough to go on an island with dinosaurs. Yeah some people are dumb in real life and maybe its not too far of a stretch, but in a movie it is starting to become boring and predictable. I think it's time these movies are put to rest. Rant over. What did you guys think? Let me know.


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    • nan4wrtng profile image

      nan4wrtng 2 years ago from Riverside, CA

      Interesting review of the movie, but I can't give an opinion until I see it. I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.