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The Game of Thrones, what is next ?

Updated on July 12, 2016

Mad Men (Sorry King)

The sixth season of the "Game of Thrones" show finished with Cersei Lannister as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. And with the end of the season, some contented himself to wait, but the fanatics of the serie and the novel was not content with that and even begun looking for answers to what will happen next, and began to speculate about the fate of Westores and Cersei's options while Danerys Targyraan decided, finally, after waiting a long sailing toward Westores to reclaim the throne of the Seven Kingdoms , with an army of the Dothraki, the Unsullied, alliance with the Tyrrells, the Martells, Yara and Theon Gregory in addition to here three sublime Dragons. Which make it impossible to meet this strong army. So does the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms face it and maintain her throne , but what could Cersei do to face Danerys ?

Certainly, Cersei now is in an unenviable position and she has more enemies than friends. So the choices in front of her has become limited. In light of the current situation, there is few Supporters of the throne as the Lannister's, the Westerlands, the Riverlands and The Stormlands, as far as the North is busy with the next winter after announcing "John Snow" the king of the North, the former has been detached from the rest of the kingdoms, so it will be excluded from the current situation.

The King and the Queens

But what about the Iron Islands?

As we saw earlier Jeroen Gregory has been nominated King of Iron Islands. After the escape of Theon and Yara and making alliance with Danerys, Jeroen's plan to marry Danerys failed, and his position now is also critical. So is this a sign of an alliance between Cersei Lannister and Jeroen Gregory to tackle the common enemies that threatens both ? Some go to this belief now , but it's common in Westeros that alliances are maked through marriage. So, say hello to our new potential vilian couple !

As we know all, Jeroen Gregory had ordered his men to build 1000 ships. Which is a huge fleet to confront the Danerys's fleet. The alliance with the Lannister's would make a strong army to confront Danerys's army and tangling the two in a naval battle. But we must keep in mind that the people of iron Islands are more experienced in the naval battles of the others, and the Dothraki's army does not have any experience in marine combat which is a burden on Danerys and not a pros at all.

Which alliance will be the strongest and the most realistic ?

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The Dragons

Is it possible to be an unequal battle between the two parties ? Surely it is not. And what about the dragons ? As we know, dragons are the source of strength that Danerys have. But could they fly all this distance from Meereen to Westeros ? It could be so for "Drogon" who does succeed already. but the other dragons are smaller and may not succeed. Some people believe that it is difficult with the distance, but others think that possible the dragons return to land again and fly over the narrow sea, which is the nearest distance between Westeros and Essos..

The road to Westeros

Certainly, the producers are hiding some surprises, let's remember the scene where Jeroen Gregory where named as king of Iron Islands. In the speech given to the audience, he told them that he traveled to a lot of areas, including Valeria , ( In the books, Jeroen found what is called "Dragon Poynder" and thinks that he can take control of the dragons ). Is it possible that it will be the next surprise ? and that Jeroen could take control of dragons and completely neutralized the battle, tangling the parties into an equal naval battle ?

© 2016 Younes


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