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The real meaning behind Eminem’s Superman lyrics

Updated on July 26, 2012

From the hugely popular Eminem Show Album, the song Superman is one of Eminem’s more emotional songs, as it relates to his history with women. Eminem has always had trouble with the opposite sex, and although everyone can relate to this in some form, Eminem’s experiences have been...well, legal and public to say the least. Fans of the artist know that his relationship/divorce from his wife Kim Scott was very messy. The couple divorced once, then remarried, then divorced again three months later with a lawsuit she filed against him squeezed in there somewhere. Eminem has also been sued by his mother and aunt, and his ongoing feud with Mariah Carey over there alleged relationship seems to pop up from time to time in some of his songs, Superman being one of them.

The Song begins with passionate lines describing Eminem and a woman “wanting” each other and “loving” each other. Then in the last few lines, the superman term is introduced when he says, “They call me superman, I’m here to rescue you.” After this line, the rest of the song takes a 180 degree turn and so called “superman” is not interested in rescuing anyone.

The first verse talks about his newly single life and not letting another woman bring him down, a likely reference to his problems with first wife Kim. He also talks about being a different man and not wanting to get into a relationship where he may have to save or babysit his significant other. One can assume that he spent a lot of time taking care of Kim, who was known to have some issues with alcohol.

Then he follows this with a pre-chorus saying that maybe one day he could love again, but he’s not looking for that right now.

The chorus of “I can’t be your Superman” is then repeated.

In verse two he clarifies that he still loves women, but he eludes that the main issue he has is that it’s hard for him to trust women. He’s been lied to too many times and had problems with all the women in his life at one point or another. I mean honestly who gets sued by their own mother…?

The third and final verse refers to how girls act around him by constantly “running game” and acting like someone they are not. He then goes on to say that they’re just fueling his fire and ruining whatever chance they may have had by not being themselves, which is where the song ends.

So it is clear that through the song, Eminem is giving some insight into his current state of mind. But through all the lyrics, through all his pain and cynicism, the one thing that seems to either have a soft spot in his heart or rub him the wrong way was his relationship with Mariah Carey. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but let’s take a look at another song with the mentioning of miss Carey.


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      If u want to know find me...lna! Hint hint... 

      3 years ago

      I get and understand superman, now that I have let my emotionaless understand and Eminem dictates in high hopes what that means to me. Very interesting 15 years ago what these lyrics meant and whAt they mean now. I am now... Optimistic?...all depends in which way one looks at it...? Also what one is going through in their in individual life...if nothing else fails....the beat of the superman song is laaaa de day... Catching,amazing... Thank you! Hope your life is good at least in the moment... Whatever that may be.... Have a great Christmas.... Remember the good times.


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