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The Reasons Why One Direction Band is going to Succeed Even Without Zayn

Updated on August 21, 2016
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Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

When Zayn Malik left One Direction band, every directioner had a bad feeling about the future of the guys. In fact the five singers have always based their success on their strong friendship, and the fact Zayn left the band demonstrated that this friendship was not as strong as believed. But does this mean One Direction band is going to end or not?

A Moment of Sadness

The fact Zayn Malik left the band resulted in a general sadness among all the fandom, but directioners were not alone: the same One Direction members were very sad: especially Harry Styles has not been able to keep himself from crying at a concert, and this fact probably made people believe that the remaining One Direction members would not be able to resist without Zayn.

A Broken Friendship?

In addition, Zayn Malik had a very strong discussion with Louis Tomlinson, and the new Zayn Malik's friend, Naughty Boy, who started realizing new songs with the ex-1D boy, once said that Louis is not a good singer and attacked him. Zayn Malik seemed to support Naughty Boy in every thing he said before leaving him, and by doing this, he seemed to have broken a strong relationship, the one which made Louis Tomlinson the Zayn's best friend. Zayn and Louis shared a lot of moments, but these seemed to have no more meaning for the ex-1D boy, who decided to leave his band and to start a new life.

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson

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A Lie?

Do you remember why Zayn Malik decided to leave One Direction? According to him, he just wanted to live as a normal boy. Yes, but this is not true, since Zayn started to make music as a single singer. Not exactly a "normal boy" activity (assuming a One Direction singer can suddenly become a normal boy).

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"Best Strong Ever" for One Direction

So how are behaving the four remaining One Direction members? As said, they have been very sad for the first time, but they seemed to have passed this moment. Now the four boys are stronger than ever: they are determined to keep making million of directioners happy, and they demonstrated it when they released their album "Made in the A.M". Liam Payne, with the help of the other band mates, sings Zayn's parts very well at concerts and the four boys regained their happiness. They are really ready to succeed more than ever, relying on their true friendship, trying to forget the past and going through a... new direction! That's why I believe One Direction band will not die: I think its new life is going to start excellently, because, after an initial sadness, the boys started to be more determined than ever, and this probably distinguishes them from other boy bands, which died in similar situations! But One Direction are not a simple boy band like others: they are the most popular boy band than ever, and they behave differently from other boy bands, starting by the fact they have a very strong friendship!

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    • Oliver Stark profile image

      Oliver Stark 2 years ago from Sacramento, California

      An eye opener for Zayn Malik fans!