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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Updated on April 3, 2013

The remake about the man that created the everlasting gobstopper

Tim Burton decides to reenvision his take on Robert Dahl's classic novel, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Both the original and remake are good in their own way, so it's hard for me to say which one is better. Plus, I've never read the book, so I don't know which one is truer to the storyline. However, I thoroughly enjoyed both movies. Although, this film is perhaps a bit too dark for younger viewers, especially when they reflect on Willy Wonka's past. I think many fans of the original film will enjoy Burton's take on this one, as it provides more of a back story of whom Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) is. Plus, I felt the Umpa Lumpa's were done a lot better, with one guy playing all of them via CGI, as opposed to a bunch of verically challenged people with their faces painted orange and green hair. Another thing, I found interesting about this film is that it went away from the fairy tale story of the original, and made it into more of a quirky dark goth fairy tale on par with Burton's other films like "Beetlejuice" and "Nightmare Before Christmas"; to name a few. Instead of relying on the fairy tale theme of "being honest and geniune" wins in the end, Burton shifts the focus of the film on other areas to carry the movie. Using themes like the importants of family and showing how the children meet their own ends due their own stupidity, I think actually works a lot better as you're able to relate to Charlie and Willy Wonka a lot better in this version. The story pretty much follows the same path as the original movie, where Charlie Bucket (Freddie Highmore), a boy that comes from a poor family, wins a golden ticket which allows him to visit Wonka's factory along with four other children; in hopes of winning a grand prize at the end of the tour. However, there are slight changes though as I stated earlier like the story being a bit darker, addition to a back story for Willy Wonka, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be a definite time frame when these events are taking place. The original was set back in the "Great Depression", yet with modern inventions like video game consoles and the assembly line machinery in a rustic "Depression" like atmosphere, it's hard to tell when the remake takes place. I thought Johnny Depp did a great job portraying Willy Wonka as he didn't try to do Gene Wilder's version, instead he allowed himself to portray his own version onto the big screen. Which is admirable, considering that most actors that star in remakes usually try to do a character exactly the same as they were in the original. Not a bad thing per say, though. Overall, if you were a fan of the original, then you shouldn't be disappointed with this film as it offers you a completely different yet same experience the second tour around Wonka's factory.


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