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The truth about MTV Jersey Shore; Real or fake?

Updated on October 20, 2011

Is MTV's Jersey Shore real, or is it all fake?

So this is the question that's on everyones minds. Is MTV's Jersey Shore actually, "reality"? Or, is it completely staged and fake? Recently, it was confirmed that popular shows such as Laguna Beach, are faked. So what about the hit show, Jersey Shore?

I live in Staten Island, NY, which is only about an hour and a half away from the popular filming spot, Seaside Heights, NJ. For the past 3 summers, the cast of Jersey Shore has taken over the Seaside Heights boardwalk, bringing in tons of tourists trying to get a glimpse of Pauly D, The Situation, and Snooki. Being around the area so often during the summer, I am able to tell you what's truly reality, and what's staged.

  • You know the first episode of each season, when they show each cast mate arriving at their Seaside Shore house, getting out of their cars one by one and entering the house? This is completely fake and staged. In reality, the case arrives in a large sized van, where they get out and run inside the house. Later on when the crowd of onlookers subsides, their individual cars are brought to the house by staff, and they shoot their arrival scenes at that point.
  • Let's talk about club Karma. A lot of the girls we see Pauly, Mike and Vinny talking to, are not random. They actually have to sign release forms before the guys even approach them, which means they already know they are going to be "picked" to be on the show. To actually get inside of Karma when the cast is filming, you need to pay a ridiculously high cover charge, and then be selected to stay in the same area as the cast mates (usually on the top level, or on the bottom level outside). If a cast mate decides they want to sit at a table, that table is completely cleared out, and then surrounded by security guards, making it impossible for just average people to get anywhere near them.
  • Remember in Season 1, when the random "grenades" entered into the house completely uninvited, causing a fight with Snooki? This is also fake. The Seaside house is so filled with security, there is no possible way that anyone could enter that house without permission from either the staff or the producers. Everyone who enters the house first needs to sign a waiver giving permission to be shown on TV, and then security calls ahead letting them know that people will be entering (with permission, of course).
  • TRUTH: Snooki really did get punched in the face by the random guy at the bar. He lost his job afterwards, and is now in the military.
  • Most of the fights between Ronnie and Sammi are in fact, staged. Truth is, the couple has been together throughout most of the seasons, even when they claim to be broken up and trying to move on. They need some kind of storyline, don't they?
  • TRUTH: Jwow is really with Roger, and we don't get to see him on TV as often as he's in the house. He was pretty much living at the Seaside House all summer long, filming season 6 (which will probably air sometime in 2012).
  • Ever notice that when someone from the cast decides to go on rides, it doesn't appear to be too crowded? That's because average people are forbidden to enter into the rides area when the cast is shown in there or on the rides. This causes major inconveniences to families who are there with their children, mainly for the rides.
  • Let's talk about the T-shirt Shore, The Shore Store. The cast rarely works in there, and when they do, it's for a couple of hours early in the morning, when most people aren't even awake yet.
  • Deena applied to be on the show before Season 1 began filming, but she was rejected. Her and Snooki were not "bestfriends" before Deena came on the show in Season 3.
  • In Season 6, which hasn't aired yet, both Vinny and The Situation leave the Jersey Shore house for a period of time. Vinny's departure will be shown, but it is still unclear whether or not The Situation's will be.
  • TRUTH: Despite other rumors, the cast mates do in fact do their own hair and make up, unless attending a special event somewhere. There is no hair and make up stylist following them around all day.
  • FUN FACT: Pauly D and Vinny are actual best friends outside of the show.
  • Remember in Season 1, when Ronnie got into the fight with the guy on the boardwalk? This was another staged event. It was actually Ronnie and Sammi who provoked the other couple walking, but MTV edited it out to make it look like it was the other couple who started the fight.

There you have it, folks. In conclusion, some parts of the show are indeed real, other parts are fake and staged. In reality, most Reality Shows are fake, or at least spiced up by producers to make them more interesting. They say MTV's Jersey Shore is like a train wreck; it's ridiculous, but you just can't help but to watch it.

Guilty pleausre?

Is MTV'S Jersey Shore your guilty pleasure?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have never cared for reality shows, I find them all to have a fake side to them in order to captivate the audience. Therefore it shouldn't be called reality it should be called filmed reality at least that way the audience knows it's being filmed in a manner befitting to a television show. Jersey Shore in my opinion is a joke. If I wish to see this kind of crap that goes on all I need do is go uptown for an hour or so or walk into a bar after midnight. This is no different than Jerry Springer except for the fact you don't see an audience. I am old school and I really do think we need to bring back the essence of what was lost those many years ago. A song these days don't make the chart unless there is drugs, alcohol and or violence in the song. Kiss, Pink Floyd, and all the rest never had to have that, they did it with taste and style, they did the drugs but it wasn't in the songs they sang, we loved the songs and the music as for the artists we either liked them or we didn't but it didn't interfere with the music choices we made. Reality shows are the same, drugs, alcohol, and or violence, title it and there you have a show. Television is to allow us to laugh or get away from reality not get further pulled into it. That's my opinion on the matter and I really don't care who agrees or don't agree I will never yield my thoughts on the matter.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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