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Family, Love & Help: a Movie you will Love to Watch Many Times!

Updated on August 21, 2016
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Is your family similar to the Bélier family or not?

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A Happy Family

Are families happy today? Well, some families these days are made of parents who don't talk to children and prefer punishments to dialogue... are made of divorced people, or are in general families made more of "cohabitation" than of true relationships, families in which a child is waiting his 18th birthday in order to escape. Luckily not all families are like that, but a lot of families today seems not to be completely happy. Mine is a happy family and for that reason I am happy of it. A similar family, that seems to be completely happy, is the one that you will know when you'll watch The Bélier Family movie.

This movie talks about a family living in the French countryside. Rodolphe (the husband) and Gigi (the wife) are two deaf and dumb farmers, while Quentin is the minor child: he is also deaf and dumb. Only the 16 years old girl Paula can speak and ear, so she is the main interpreter for her family. In this first passage we can note a typical aspect of this family: cooperation is everything: Rodolphe cares about fields, Gigi makes the cheese, Paula is the interpreter, while Quentin likes to do some occasional little works (for example he realizes the election manifestos for Rodolphe when he decides to run for major). I don't think is usual to find such a spirit of cooperation in some families today, a part some exceptions: the Bélier family is a happy family, every member tries to help for the wellness of the entire family, you will not find children who escapes from the family to go out (they don't live friendships as a way to escape from family, but as an addition to family, in fact you will often find also friends invited at home, friends who share moments with the family), and you will not find parents quarrelling with children all the time: a very happy world!

- I'll take two cheeses. What's wrong with the lady?

- It's called job sharing. She smiles, and I talk.

- Very funny.

- Just a family.

Paula is not only the interpreter of her family: she is also a very talented singer: and that's why her singing teacher will candidate Paula to the singing contest that will open her a career in the singing world!
Paula is not only the interpreter of her family: she is also a very talented singer: and that's why her singing teacher will candidate Paula to the singing contest that will open her a career in the singing world! | Source

Between Family's True Values and... Music!

The main plot is about Paula who has a passion: singing. This passion is interpreted as a form of betrayal by her parents, who are deaf and dumb and are not happy she sings. Well, probably in this point there is the only quarrel between parents and Paula, but after this little moment, they will support Paula: so we can confirm that the Beliér family is truly a happy family.

Paula is very talented at singing, that's why her singing teacher, Thomasson, wants to send Paula to a popular contest in which Paula can start a good career as a singer and obtain success. Paula does this with Gabriel, her classmate: in the first part of movie Paula and Gabriel are friends, then they quarrel, but at the end they even fall in love!

You have a golden nugget in your throat

— Thomasson (to Paula)
A capture from the movie
A capture from the movie | Source

The decision of Paula to participate to the contest will make her to transfer to Paris in order to study here. So Paula must leave her family's house. At the contest she will sing a song talking about a boy who leaves her family house, and her parents, very thrilled, accept Paula's departure... she leaves her family house and goes to Paris, and the movie ends with a big hug of all family before Paula gets into the car. The movies ends here, but obviously we could imagine Paula will stay in touch with her family (who will be supported by another interpreter supposedly) and in the meantime will become a successful singer.

Director Eric Lertigau Interviewed by French Film Festival NZ

What's Good About This Movie

This movie shows the true values of family and at the same time the fact that talent has to be praised. It also contains some little scenes that will make you laughing, so in general this is a complete movie, not too much sad and not too much funny! What is the only fault I have found in this excellent movie? Well, it does not say all the Bèlier family story: will Rodolphe become mayor one day? Will Paula become a successful singer? And will Paula come back to her family's house one day, after having ended her studies and obtained success (this is a very happy family and so a reunion of all members would be great)? This is up to your imagination! Probably a sequel of this movie would be a great success, and we hope it will be realized one day! A part this little point, this movie is very good and I suggest you to watch it!

Have you watched this movie? And you liked it?

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    • Alessio Ganci profile imageAUTHOR

      Alessio Ganci 

      3 years ago from Italy

      Well it depends on the language, personally I could only watch films in Italian or English in order to know what people say in the film, but surely if someone knows French (I know it but at a very basic level), watching film in original language would be a good idea! However this movie had a great success at cinema, probably you would have found it, even if not in French but in English language! However yes, I confirm this is a very good film in my opinion!

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      3 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I like a good film, regardless of language. Too bad I live near cinemas that have little in the way of foreign language films - especially French ones.


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