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The Woman A Movie Review

Updated on July 2, 2012

The Woman Horror Movie Review

The Woman is a story about why taking home a wild feral woman home with you can be a bad and also a good thing when you have a dysfunctional family that turns a blind eye to the situations that they have made for themselves. The mysterious Woman we see right at the beginning after been wounded, possibly by a Wolf or something and she is a wild and feral creature who is dressed in rags which look like some sort of old clothes back in the 1800's possibly, as the back of the DVD describes her as the last member of a Violent clan I just assumed it was a very old clan.

We see a strange almost trippy sort of dream sequence were she appears to be dreaming about a baby with a Wolf licking the baby, possibly a wolf killed her baby perhaps? This wasn't clear, but it helps set up the story that she is right now alone and vulnerable, yet still a wild Woman not to be messed with.

The story cuts to a Family which on the face of it seems like an ordinary Family except you can tell with the Mother that there is some deep seated secrets waiting to be told as we see the Father who is obviously a controlling Father to his three kids almost unravel and show his true colors half way through the film. This movie is sometimes strange in places with lots of gory scenes with strangely lots of gristle. The movie also deals with some disturbing themes of rape which are part of the main story and the reason why the contrast between the brutal Woman and the Bastard of a Father seem like two opposite ends of the social spectrum.

I like how at the end you are asking yourself the question. Would these kids have been better off been brought up by the wild Woman? At least if someone was harming the kids, the Woman wouldn't stand for any shite and she'd just eat their faces off. I also liked how in this movie the way that the Father is trying to make the Wild Woman behave and be more civilized was equally weird and disturbing because it sort of alerts you to the feeling that something is totally wrong with this Family and maybe the Woman is there for a purpose?

The acting was top notch and this story was based on a book or story by Jack Ketchum. Sometimes gory, sometimes strange with the added music thrown in. It's a deconstruction of a Family, to show a family seemingly normal to be revealed as a that has become buried in it's own shame and regrets. I didn't want to give too much away of the ending, but it was a good ending to a largely depressing yet upbeat with the music type of movie.

The Woman who plays the Woman doesn't say much at all, but it's her look and the way she moves and stares that helps sell the entire's a creepy yet mesmerizing film, just to see what happens at the end.

The Woman Classic Horror Movie

The Woman horror movie review.
The Woman horror movie review.

The Woman On DVD

Movie Review - The Woman

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 5 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Ahhh yes that makes more sense...cheers

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 5 years ago from Vermont, USA

      It occurs to me that the feral woman's dream of a baby being licked by wolf was really a flash-back...she was the baby, brought up by wolves, hence her feral nature.