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The word "Misogynoir" is Offensive, but The word "Leslie" is Extraordinary & Expensive

Updated on January 21, 2017
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Leslie Jones at the premiere of her movie "The Ghostbusters"
Leslie Jones at the premiere of her movie "The Ghostbusters"

Recently acted in the movie Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones is a famous stand-up comedian, who is also famous for hilarious tone on Saturday Night Live and for giving us the amusing Games of Thrones recaps.

She has also maintained her nice personality and hilarious attitude with her tweets.

The one who knows her, follows her, will surely agree with me. Right?

Anyway, the main things that brings annoying twist in the story is the recent outbreak on her personal website.

I do not think that I need to elaborate the detail, as most of you would already be aware of the "shocking trendy news". But, let me brief it in short, I apologizes in advance if I get offensive.

Today is August 25, 2016 and it is hardly two days, when Leslie's personal website was hacked by an as... (Okay, no offensive word)... idiotic dork. The person tried everything to spoil the reputation of this Ghostbusters' star. Her website content was replaced by her personal information that also included some of her intensely personal pictures as well, which were taken from iCloud. That was not all. A video was also posted on her site related to Harambe (Harambe was the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that got killed few months earlier.).

Not forget to mention that the video was posted in reference to the remarks directed at Leslie on Twitter in the early attacks. Thanks to the Leslie's teams that they took immediate action and shut down the site.

I wish to know, if she really deserved to be treated like this? Is this the way to treat a righteous person? Was her skin color so damaging to the attackers' eyes that they needed to do this shameful and horrendous act? This is totally ridiculous.

Leslie Jones is a tall and beautiful lady, who has wonderful history and present in Hollywood.

If she was not so deserving, then there would not be so many celebrities standing with her in this doxing attack. From the worldwide famous singer, Katy Perry to the Ghostbusters' director, Paul Feig, everyone is in support of this Diva.

Here are some tweets from these celebrities:

Katy Perry
Katy Perry | Source
Quest Love Gomez
Quest Love Gomez | Source
Josh Gad
Josh Gad | Source
Chris D'Elia
Chris D'Elia | Source
Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick | Source
Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer | Source
Paul Feig
Paul Feig | Source

Some people have also claimed it to be an act of "Misogynoir". According to me, this word is offensive and derogatory.

It was first used by Moya Bailey, who was a Black Feminist scholar. She used this word to bring in limelight the problem of misogyny, which is directed towards Black women, generally related with the women in American visual and popular culture.

On the other hand, while going through the tweets, I also came through the tweets that say the act was justifying and there was no wrong with it. Seriously? What the heck is wrong with this people?

I tried to search deeper and came across a guy named Milo Yiannopoulos, who is the Breitbart writer. The news said that he was banned from using Twitter for the lifetime, when he targeted Leslie Jones and threw some ugly remarks on her.

I really doubt if people, on the social networks, are supporting him over Leslie Jones. Well, it is the gratefulness of these social sites that they took immediate steps and banned those accounts forever.

Leslie Jones is a renowned actress and comedian. She has acted in movies, The Thin Red Line, Punch-Drunk Love, The Master, Top Five, Wrongfully Accused, Repos, The Company We Keep and recently in Ghostbusters.

She has also been nominated at least 13 times for the different awards that include, Oscar, American Cinema Editors, Awards Circuit Community Awards, Chicago Film Critic Association Awards, International Cinephile Society Awards, San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, San Francisco Film Critics Circle and many more.

She, generally, talks about pop culture, sex, current events, African-American culture and everyday life. Her style of comedy comes under the categories, blue comedy, observational humor, physical comedy and black comedy.

She is famous and full of stardom. It is good to know that how many people are supporting her. It is expected that this act of outrage will discourage any such further attacks on Leslie and on someone else too.

Do you support Leslie Jones?

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Check out this video of Leslie Jones, in which she is talking about her early Twitter attacks on the TV show, Late Night with Seth Meyers.


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