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The Border Wall

Updated on January 20, 2019
Kenyon Taylor profile image

The President wants to build his wall and will do anything to do so. He is going to extremes and threatening to call a National Emergency.

The Pros and Cons of The Wall

President Trump discussing "The Wall" with speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.
President Trump discussing "The Wall" with speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. | Source


When thinking of the wall the only people I see this helping are people who have problems with other races. The US has always had open borders and why should this change now? President Trump discusses a Humanitarian issue at the southern border. If this is the case, why was this not a problem years ago? I think the only reason there is a problem is that of his racist tendencies. The pros of the border wall are as follows; fewer immigrants coming in illegally, fewer drugs in the American Society, and descending amounts of sex trafficking cases at the southern border. I believe that all these will happen, but not at the rate he expects. There are many sex trafficking cases in the United States nowhere near the border. Another thing the wall will do is lower the amounts of drugs in the US. I do not think it will help at the exponential rate he expects. In many studies, 95% of the drugs come in through other ports, these ports could be a legal port of entry or through the air. There is a drug crisis in the US and to blame Mexico or Democrats for this is nothing but ignorance. The last thing that is said to happen is less sex trafficking. I think this number would be just as high whether we have a wall or not. Many people in the US have been convicted with sex trafficking and no matter how harsh the punishment, they continue to do these awful things. The United States is full of criminals as is Mexico, but do not blame a few Mexicans at the border for the faults of this country as a whole.


Some cons of the wall are as follows; $5.7 Billion more dollars of debt, a waste of space, hurting the environments and habitats of multiple species. Another con that I believe would be the way people view the country. People are always saying things, but what would they say about the US with a wall? Do you really think they will see us as a strong and valuable country like Trump says they will? How would this be if there are multiple things that happen right now that give us a bad name. The government not working together also shows a symbol of weakness. They should act more mature and work consistently, rather than arguing and not working together. The other problems like a waste of space will hurt people who may live near the border. Also, how will things look if people have to look out and just see a wall? Other cons include the waste of money and more debt. The United States has always been in debt but adding 5 Billion plus dollars towards our debt will make it harder to get out. The other negative is one I am very interested in. The creation of the wall could affect the animals that live in the environment. The building of the wall lessens the amount of space that these animals have to roam. This could negatively affect any animal group, but especially the endangered species.

The Governent Shutdown

President Trump shutting down the government for a wall is like a child crying and throwing a tantrum for not getting something he wants at the store. The government has been shut down for 30 days (as of day written) and it has no signs of stopping. It will be a miracle if he opens the government back up without a deal for his wall. He has already threatened to call a National Emergency which would grant him his money and start the process of the wall. The thing is Americans are very contemplative when it comes to things like this. They will praise the building of a wall but complain when they are required to pay more taxes. The families of workers in the federal system are currently requesting help and if this goes on for much longer they will lose their homes, cars, or not be able to feed themselves or children. That's funny because when Trump was saying his speech he said he cared for Americans. That's very opposing to the situation currently taking place where he is hurting Americans by putting there lives on hold with no paycheck.


Cardi B recently posted a picture sayin "All you Trump supporters should work for free while the government is shut down to show your support..." And I appreciate her involvement and using her platform to speak her mind. Plus, I totally agree!
Cardi B recently posted a picture sayin "All you Trump supporters should work for free while the government is shut down to show your support..." And I appreciate her involvement and using her platform to speak her mind. Plus, I totally agree! | Source

Should Trump make it a priority to build the wall?

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