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The Truman Show

Updated on December 31, 2017

The Truman Show review:

In my own opinion this movie was a 7.5/10 due to its very unique idea and great balance of comedy and drama plus its metaphorical references to biblical ideas of control and giving us the opportunity to think about what we are and the world around us because any of us could be Truman and some of us would never find out. However, I couldn’t take Jim Carrey seriously for the serious scenes despite his great acting however once again I’d like to keep to reviewing 3 scenes.

The first scene id like to review is (As the rough script refers to it) PLAYBACK - EXT. HIGHWAY - WESTERN END OF TOWN. NIGHT.

This scene is hugely important to the rest of the movie as this basically starts Truman’s paranoid adventure as it drives him into madness for they cannot erase the past so Truman constantly remembers Sylvia and what she had told him all those years before. This is constantly is playing in his mind. I love this scene as its the first real exposure Truman is subjected to throughout the movie besides the light falling from the sky, however I don’t like how Truman and Sylvia are played by adults who are much older than them along with Meryl who also looked awfully old for his age. I believe this didn’t ruin the scene I just wasn’t as immersed as I could have been. However, we have been immediately immersed again as it brings us back to the current time where we see the real Truman looking back. The only problem I have with that scene is the age and if it were just Truman that was his real-time age it may have been better although slightly creepy because he would be kissing a college student.

The 2nd scene I’d like to review is possibly the most emotionally strong moment I’ve Jim Carrey perform which would be the final scene.

Here we see Truman looking upon his final decision; does he continue the fake life he has been performing in his whole life or does he accept his freedom into the real world however, the real question is: Are you the yellow bird or the dove. Truman first breaks through the barrier of his reality which I personally believe is a metaphor for the final push however he then gets to talk to god or the personification of god in his fabricated reality which he probably would've known would have happened because if they're trying to keep you there that desperately then they're not just going to let you go without a very typical final scene which honestly I found an amazing scene that was simply inspiring. The throwback to the start of the movie is the final word to tell us that what he is doing is his choice and not the choice of his god. This whole scene gives us food for thought, what would we do in that situation. It's perhaps the most curious scene and the most thought-provoking scene I've seen so far.

The 3rd scene I'd like to review is perhaps the intended comical scene which I believe they succeeded in doing so which was the first time Truman tries to escape.

At around the midpoint of the movie, Truman begins to uncover the truths of this world and believes he has it all figured out which he proves in his very stereotypical Jim Carrey actions which make this scene both comedic and excellent acting toward the emotions of the role. This scene in the movie is both amazing and odd to me at the same time, for example Truman manages to figure out that the world around him is on a selective loop of some sort but surely if theres mics and cameras everywhere they could prevent the next action from happening by telling the extra not to do the certain thing but this scene is also amazing due to it proving the idea that your overlords, boses, parents or whoever rules over you that they cannot predict your every move which perfectly sums up this scene. Truman figures out that his actions have no consequences which he then proves by completely breaking the law multiple times but no police ever go after him even though he is still an American citizen who can break the law however he apprehended by the fake police which I'm not sure it is legal or not due to them acting as police officers they are impersonating police officers in an actual situation which in the end is the downfall of the tv show due to the actors being just that, actors.

My final conclusion of this movie: It was great, I loved it however, there were a few little things that brought it down for me although I personally loved the comedic aspect mixed with the perfect dramatical aspect which made it exquisite.


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