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The Color Taker

Updated on July 8, 2007

The Color Taker Question

This is probably a dumb question, but I must pose it here in this forum in hopes that someone may know the answer. I have scanned through a few of the authors on Hubpages and more than few seem like highly educated people, or at the very least what we refer to in the Southern USA as "Common Sense Folk". I can't recall in my readings or watching the science channel any mention of this perplexing phenomenon of the human body. The late Mr. Wizard never mentioned it that I know of either. Maybe someone can help me with this.

This morning when I woke from a peaceful nine hour drooling, snorefest of marthon sleeping I prepared myself a big cup of the darkest black Ethiopian coffee available on the planet. I subsequently sipped on this beast of caffeine until it was completely gone and my Spider Sense was tingling ferociously. I was fully awake and overly alert to say the least. My wife was napping on the couch and the twins were milling about the house playing games and things that children do. My oldest daughter was getting ready for work at the local grocery store called "Strokers" which is next to Granny Cussers convenience store "The G Spot" right down the street from "Harry Pits Pub". The television was tuned into some innane cartoon nobody was watching. The stupid cat was prowling around hoping somebody dropped a can of opened catfood on the floor.

I was feeling bored so I decided to get online and check E-Mail or play Warcraft (Another of my addictive afflictions). I was just getting the computer logged on when the sudden undeniable urge to pee hit me with a vicious urgency. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself (I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it's heavy work and the hours are long). As I was doing so, I became woefully aware of the fact that the blackest coffee I had ever drank just exited my body in a clear form. How can this be?

My question is this: Where does the color in sodas, coffee, tea, or any other beverages go when it is ingested?

Is my color takers warranty going to expire one day without warning? Will I go to pee one day and a black (or whatever color the beverage) stream come out causing trauma to my mental stability? Could someone give me tips on extending the life of my color taker, there are pills for everything these days surely someone has had a color taker break down at some point in history.

Please leave any info available in the comments box below and thanks in advance. #1

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