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Most Haunted

Updated on August 1, 2018
Yvette, husband Karl, cousin Stuart.
Yvette, husband Karl, cousin Stuart.

Most Haunted – 2002 to 2010

In the early days of satellite television, a paranormal television programme made a surprising dent in the UK’s psyche. Loosely comparable to a cross between Scooby Doo and The Exorcist, Most Haunted found a place in the nation’s spooky hearts.

The show was fronted by Yvette Fielding, Children’s TV favourite. Yvette was joined by her husband, Karl Beattie, and her cousin Stuart Torevell. The family feel to the show added an extra dynamic to the ghostly goings on.

Each show would start with a daylight exploration of a venue that claimed reported paranormal activity. Once we have seen the place, in the safety of sunlight, the crew would wait until the sky grew dark. They would then be joined by the rest of the team, plus a medium to communicate with the spirits. The cameras would then be switched to ‘night vision’, plunging the crew into darkness. A ghost hunt would commence.

Yvette in glorious Night Vision!
Yvette in glorious Night Vision! | Source

When the Lights go Out

Under the cover of darkness, the mediums would communicate with the spirits, asking them to make themselves known. This would create a tense atmosphere, which often became unbearable for the crew. In the early years, Yvette Fielding would shriek and cry when things got scary. As the years went by, Yvette grew very brave, even challenging the spirits to make themselves known.

The Perfect Orb
The Perfect Orb | Source


Most Haunted collected evidence from cameras and digital recorders. Orbs would often be present, and on occasion ghostly voicing and tappings could be heard. Poltergeist activity would sometimes take place, often frustratingly out of the view of the cameras.

Most Haunted - Top 3 Moments?


Most Haunted was hit with many accusations; that the mediums were frauds, that poltergeist activity was staged, that orbs were actually insects. However, Most Haunted was such a fantastic television show, the controversy simply added to the charm.

The show’s most loved medium, Derek Acorah, was ultimately forced to leave due to the ‘Kreed Kafer’ affair. Before filming, it is alleged that Derek was fed information about a potential spirit, Kreed Kafer. After committing this name to film, Derek was humiliated by the fact that this information was merely an anagram of the words ‘Derek Faker’.

Though Derek moved on, Most Haunted never quite managed to get an equivalent, astonishing showman to replace him.

The Bad Psychics Blog captures the continued controversies of Most Haunted in the past.

Most Haunted Live

Most Haunted branched out with a series of live events, often coinciding with Halloween. Pendle Hill is a notable example of the fantastic ability of the Most Haunted Team, putting on a large scale investigation over a weekend, inviting the viewers to get involved with comments and examples of psychic art.

The Best of Most Haunted Live Pendle Hill Special

Most Haunted – 2014

Despite the many controversies and and changes in personnel, Most Haunted returns to UK screens for a brand new series on the Really Channel in August 2014. Whatever this next exciting instalment has in store for us, loyal viewers can’t wait! Look out, ghosties. Yvette is coming to find you!

Most Haunted, on Really.


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