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The Secret of Brian May – Astrophysicist Exraordianaire!

Updated on August 31, 2007


For those of you who thought that Brian May was just that curly haired guy who played that cool looking guitar in the band Queen, you're in for a big surprise (not as big a surprise as it would have been if you hadn't read the title of this article, but hey, try and work up some enthusiasm anyway, it will come in handy for all those 'surprise' parties that really aren't).

That's right! Not only is Brian May a world class musician with more money than God ('cause God got hit pretty hard by the bust too), he's also a scientist! Take that high school drop outs! And not only is he a scientist, but he actually has his doctorate in Astrophysics! Brian May is really, really smart, and he can do math! MATH! Who knew? Who could have even suspected such a thing?

For those of you who are interested, Dr May's thesis was titled: Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud, a title which is suitably beyond the grasp of most mere mortals, after all, what's the point in being smart if you can't get all technical and confuse people eh?

Of course, it's all just sciency talk for 'stuff that goes around really fast inside this big cloud of dust', but it could be important, and its most certainly very interesting, and it all goes to prove that you can be a mega star and still keep enough brain cells in place to contribute something other than rocking tunes to the world at large.

Hold on to your hats, because there is another 'not only' coming up here. Not only is Brian a Doctor of Astrophysics, but he's also rather controversial in the world of Astrophysics. Brian has expressed controversial views about the 'Deep Impact' mission/test/excuse to try and blow a comet up, in which scientists decided that it would be quite awesome to try and fire a copper missile at a comet which strayed perilously close to earth and our lovely projectiles. Brian thought that it was a rather silly idea, but NASA went ahead with it anyway and blew the hell out of Tempel 1, the unfortunate comet in question. In case you were interested, the comet turned out to be 75% empty space and the remainder was comprised of clays, sodium, crystalline silicates, and carbonates. Naturally, scientists now wish to blow up more comets to see what might be in them.

Perhaps now that he is a Doctor, Brian May will be more effective at preventing comets being treated like piniatas, but somehow I doubt it. What's the point of growing up and doing all that math if you can't blow the hell out of interstellar objects once in a while?


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    • OneShot profile image

      OneShot 10 years ago

      It's actually not too surprising that a master musician would also be a math wiz (rocket scientist). After all the mathematical properties of music are well documented. What is really surprising is to find a musician of his fame, caliber and age who hasn't long since fallen into the typical "rock god" stereotype and allowed his status to overcome his intellect.

      Great Hub... Thanks.