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Keira Knightley. Too Skinny, Or Just Right?

Updated on October 13, 2009

Yarrrr, there be Keira Knightley, she be the prettiest lass on the seven seas, and yet she is also much maligned for her reported extreme skinniness. She was even forced (using the term 'force' in the loosest way possible of course) to sue a British Newspaper that made claims that anorexics such as herself were making little girls die of anorexia, which was a bit much really, because Kiera claims that she is not anorexic, and that she's not responsible for the lives of teenage girls she has never met, which is a good point really, and the judge agreed.

The real issue here is a weight and appearance issue. These are massive issues for large amounts of the population. The diet and exercise industry is mammoth, as is the plastic surgery industry, and all too often "normal" people look to celebrities to tell them what the perfect figure is. Naturally there is a backlash to all this body worhsipping, as people starve and carve themselves to look like anything except how nature intended them to look. Unfortunately this can mean that naturally slim women come under fire. Keira Knightley happens to be one of the slimmer ladies gracing the big screens at present, and has been singled out for at times nasty attention to her body.

Pictures of Keira in a bikini have been critisized due to the fact that she is very slim, but if one takes any length of time to actually look at them, one is able to discern that her ribs do not show, but she has a very muscularly toned stomach. Even though she's tiny, there is a strong possibility that Keira could totally kick ass.

As shocking as this may be, there are certain body types wandering this planet. Some people are naturally structured to be slim, others are naturally structured to have DD breasts, yet for some reason, when a woman happens to have a medium sized frame and large natural breasts, there is no real uproar, instead there is great apprecitation for this natural wonder.

Perhaps, instead of placing the emphasis on how people look, it would be more advantageous to all concerned to consider how they got there. There's not really much difference in unattraciveness between a skeletal coke sniffing model and a grease consuming obese person who has trouble moving due to excess consumption of foodstuffs.

Keira Knightley is hot, healthy, and hangs with pirates, and I think we can all learn a lot from that, no matter what our body size.


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    • profile image

      Melody 6 years ago

      FINALLY! Someone NOT bitching about Keira. I always get angry when I hear people assuming that skinny people starve themselves yet I know plenty of skinny girls who eat tons of crap, they're just blessed with amazing metabolisms. Glad to know not everyone is sad and bitter :)

    • profile image

      Caroline  7 years ago

      Thank you so much Hope for such a wonderful, honest and intelligent article. Being someone who is also on the smaller side, I am grateful that those of us who are not blessed a size 10 (or bigger) or have any chest finally gets the truth told, that is - some of us are naturally born small!!! To the critics, go and look up a thing call genetics. Leave Keira alone: she is gorgeous!

    • Maylinda Arons profile image

      Maylinda Arons 9 years ago

      Yay, I like Kiera too. Am I beginning to sound like your groupie?