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Theories The Good Place Show Getting To Know Tahani

Updated on November 26, 2016

Episode 3 part 2 of 7

I can't prove it but Tahani is hiding something.
I can't prove it but Tahani is hiding something. | Source


I did expect Tahani's nose to grow.
I did expect Tahani's nose to grow. | Source

Becoming Friends

Elenor wants to go with Tahani when Tahani goes around the neighborhood to make people feel welcome.

Theory: Elenor wants to get some dirt on Tahani. But, Tahani sees this as Elenor wanting to become close friends. Finally, Elenor understands what Tahani was trying to do all along.
Elenor suspects Tahani. She confides in Chidi.

Why Tahani? Tahani is trying to get very close to her.

Theory: In the past, others have tried to get close to Elenor to hurt her.

Confessing to Chidi: Elenor does trust Chidi to understand. She wants advice from Chidi.
Elenor feels that Tahiani it too perfect. There has to be something wrong.

Theory: If there is something deeply wrong with her. She might hide it from Elenor until they become like family. Tahini knows how to deal with people in general.

The gift that Tahiani starts to die. Why? The growth of the relationship will fail if she Elenor thinks this way toward Tahani. This says to Elenor that Tahani gave the gift to her with good intentions. If nurtured the friendship will grow strong.

Elenor sees the plant as something that does not see the negative in people. She needs proof before she makes friends with Tahani.

Elenor and Tahani Talking About The Past

Tahani-born Pakistan, raised in London, schooled in France. She gets others to spend money for non-proof charities.

She never cheated any of the charities out of the money. Almost 60 billion dollars. Wow, this is a lot of money. Model, Museum curator, and it girl.

Has Elenor heard about Tahani in life? Elenor did read magazines. There had to have been some gossip on the woman. Buzz Limon's muse.

Buzz is a technique created by Jose Limon. To have been his muse she would have had to been in New York before he died on Dec. 2, 1972. He started his company in 1946.

This a preview of Tahani's age when she died. 2016 this year - 1972 at least to 1946= ? + age at time.=? The years apart are from this year and the time of Limon's death are 44 years.

So, she is older then that time since she died on 2016. Add 14 to 20 years old for her age, since her parents are rich.

Yes, it matters that her parents are rich. They are in Pakistan. They sent her to England to study then France. they might have had enough money to send her to a dance school in New York.

44 years + 14 to 20 years = 58 years to 64 years old when she died.

However, she could be even older then that. In a different episode, it shows that she leaves home. What age is that? Is that related to her time as a muse?

I call Lie on Tahani ever being his muse. She has not mentioned anything about wanting to go to New York or ever being in New York.

Tahani may look to be younger in the after life. But, she had to have been older then 58 years old when she died.

She does mention picking up mortar shells with her godmother/princess in Vietnam. The war was 1954- 1975. I am guessing she went after the war. I am guessing this was for some charity.

What? No way any princess would be allowed to pick up mortar shells. Rich people hire others to do that.

I believe that Tahani can't stop herself from lying. This is like breathing to her. If she belongs there in The Good Place she did good things to make herself appear better than other people.

Theory: Lying must not be that many negative points if there is a good result.

Maybe, she lost a leg or a finger trying to pick them up. Or, she could have hurt herself very badly.

Theory: She could still be lying. She thinks that everyone is so much better than her. But, she wants to believe she is great.

The negative part about Tahani was that she was not skinny enough to model. She was told that her breast where too large.

Theory: This might have happened in a county that liked skinny girls. She might not have been what the company was looking for anyway.

Meaning of her name Congratulations Beautiful.

Theory: Tahani is not her real name. Why would she feel the need to tell anyone about her name if she knew about the meaning?

She calls Elenor a flirt when she says that to her. Why? I think Tahini feels that they are becoming good friends. Soon they will be giving each other positive feedback on their lives.

Roamers and Evidence

Flashback for Elenor

She has something in her coffee cup. She has simple make-up on. There is a boyfriend there.

Is she pregnant in this scene?

Is that guy her husband?

- Her and her man are discussing bad roamer of that coffee place. Scorpion in his latte. There is a guy sexually harassing people.

Journalist went undercover to talk about about the sexism.

She does not want to walk further to get the coffee or hot chocolate.

Elenor thinks that her boyfriend or husband thinks he is better then her because of the coffee shop.

He means that they should be going somewhere else.

Flashback over

Not reasonable

Theory: Elenor wants whatever was in that drank. I am guessing that she is not reasonable because of her being pregnant.

Theory: It is possible that Elenor is that undercover Journalist or undercover crime detective. She might have sold pills as her cover to get to these type of people. Being an undercover Journalist or undercover detective would lead her to expose corrupt people.

She is always trying to get the bad news on everyone. She must be a gossip columnist when she died. Elenor might have been picking up the latest issue to admire her work.
Question: What happened to the baby? Did she have it? Did she lose it?

Why does Tahani need to lie? Tahani is dead.


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