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Theories The Good Place Show Choices Still Have Consequences

Updated on December 5, 2016

Episode 4 part 5 of 5

The Newest Member Of Chidi's Classroom
The Newest Member Of Chidi's Classroom | Source

Keeping Calm And Trying To Be A Better Person

All the lights in Jianyu's/Jason home is on. Why? That is too many. There should only be two people that live there. But, it is very comical. So, I hope that feature of the show stays.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason does not like being at home in a large home.

Eleanor comes to talk to Jianyu/Jason about what happened earlier. Chidi is acting very sneaky.

Eleanor is convinced that she made the whole. How does she know she made the whole? She only thinks she made the whole.

She tells Jianyu/Jason what she believes is true. Eleanor wants to help Jianyu/Jason make the right choices.


Jianyu/Jason is on a bear with his friend in Jacksonville, Florida with his friend. He is getting sued.

Dreams of DJing in Daytona and Tallahassee.(This could be for special events.)

He throws a molotov cocktail at a speed boat that belonged to his former employer. This sets the speed boat on fire.

End of flashback

Michael Wants To Keep Calm

Michael has a high-tech hologram of the Sinkhole. Tahani knows about this room. Is this the same room that Eleanor was in before?

Tahani is having trouble with Jianyu/Jason and she wants things to be so much better.

Note: Soul mates do not understand each other for months. Tahani is rushing things.

Theory: Tahani was not patient in life. She wanted things to happen right now.

Upon hearing that Michael needs help she jumps at the chance to help him out.

Theory: Tahani will pass what is to be done to someone else if it is to take a long time. Eleanor will be helping her find out what is going on.

The sinkhole will repairs itself. That is what Michael tell Tahani.

Tahani Is Going To Act Positive Until The Problem Is Solved

Tahani is going to try to spread a positive message to the neighborhood for those that are not too happy with what is currently going on around them.

-plans: posters about what is going on and a brunch party every morning.

Theory: If Michael does retire everyone will see that they are in The Bad Place.

Eleanor Does Not Know If Jianyu has the ability to learn

Eleanor, Chidi, and Jason/Jianyu

Eleanor does not know what to do. Eleanor thinks she is doomed by Jianyu/Jason knowing her secret.

Chidi asks Jason/Jianyu to come to his class to learn ethics.

Theory: Chidi thinks that people can earn their place in The Good Place.

Theory: Maybe, Chidi is a spy for the higher ups for The Good Place. He might have always been too soft.

Jianyu/Jason refuses Chidi's offer to teach him. Eleanor tells him that he needs Chidi's teaching. Chidi is a good person.

Theory: Chidi has a problem with low self esteem.

Eleanor is ready to learn. And, Jianyu/Jason is sort of there to learn.

Elenor immediately encourages Jianyu/Jason on his ability to learn. Is this self-serving or does Eleanor really want him to stay in The Good Place?

Jianyu/Jason thinks that this is a real school and not a class.

At night, Tahiani is putting up posters and she hears a disturbance. She goes to check it out.

But, finds the sinkhole is getting bigger.

Circles In The Background of a lot of scenes

What is going on with the circles in the background? This has happened in several episodes.

Eleanor has some of her walls at her home. Michael has one in his office.

Theory: Could Michael be ruling a layer of The Bad Place?

Theory: The circles could be a hint that everyone belongs in The Good Place. But, someone has created The Bad Place.


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