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Theories The Good Place Show Eleanor And Jason Need To Work On Their Social Skills

Updated on December 30, 2016

Episode 6 last hub in this episode

Social Anxiety. And, what is foreshadowed troubled times coming there way.
Social Anxiety. And, what is foreshadowed troubled times coming there way. | Source

Still Not Fitting In

Eleanor wants to help Michael.

I am not sure why she wants to help anyone out. In her flashbacks, she is selfish.

Theory: Eleanor is a lot younger in her flashbacks than when she died.

Theory: Eleanor does not mean to do horrible things. She wants to be left alone.

Town Meeting

Michael decides to call a neighborhood meeting.

This could be for any number of reasons. He likes to let others know what is going on in the neighborhood.

Theory: He does not have the answer. And, he knows that Eleanor does not have the answer. As a higher being, it is his responsibility to find the problem.

Chidi Is Able to Help Jianyu/Jason

Tahani, Chidi and Jianyu/Jason

Tahani comes in to talk with Jianyu/Jason. The painting is ballerinas of Tahani.

Theory: I think that Chidi thinks that this is a great fix to the problem. But, he is wrong. This will only make Jianyu's/Jason's life worse.

Theory: Jianyu/Jason will now have to continue to come up with better ideas on how to keep Tahani happy.

Tahani needs to feel loved because it was not something she felt as a child. Jianyu/Jason is playing someone that has a hard time experiencing his option to others.

In reality, Jianyu/Jason is scared of Tahani's feels. He does not want to hurt her.

Theory: He knows so little about Tahani that he fears her feels will get hurt.

Tahani feels bad for wanting to change her soul mate. Yet, she wants him to change quickly. It is not easy for her to understand gifts that are not material items. Those non-material items is something that she has always wanted from others.

Theory: Tahani wants her soul mate to have patience with her. Her heart is not in the same place as his. Tahani sees Jianyu/Jason as a pure soul that is so full of love. She is very proud of him. And, she does wish to see what he can do for others and herself.

Everyone Goes To Required Meetings

Everyone is there outside.

Eleanor says Michael found the problem to Chidi.

Theory: Eleanor is a suffer of Social Anxiety Disorder. She can't go in public without thinking that everyone is judging her. This is why she does not try to act like a good person. She is too busy thinking that she is the center of attention.

Eleanor Realizes That She Can't Keep Up The Lie About Her Not Belonging There Any Longer

Social anxiety disorder might be what Eleanor is feeling. She has convinced herself that she does not deserve to live there. So, she thinks everyone is watching her.

Eleanor has become afraid of being found out by the others in The Good Place. Yet, people are watching Eleanor. She is standing out because of her overly social relationship with Chidi.

So, she is right to feel like she is being watched by a crowd.

It does not help that she spend so much time with Michael when others might want to talk to him, too. They might see her as some sort of a saint that is only there to help them be better.

She has passed out backed goods with Tahani and Tahani is the party go to person of at least the 50 people that go to her parties of the 322. Tahani might be having other parties that are unknown, too.

I believe that she thinks that everyone is looking at her. That can't be true. There has to be people whom don't enjoy making friend right away. Everyone has thousands of years to meet each other. There is no rush to make friends with a stranger.

She believe that she is a bad person. So, she thinks that Tahani will think her a bad person. I do believe that Tahani thinks that Eleanor needs to work on her social skills. But, I don't think that Tahani thinks her a bad person... just some whom drinks and has too much at parties.

I believe that Eleanor is scared of being in public with other people. That is why she tries to shut everyone out of her life.

In the flashbacks so far, Eleanor has problems interacting with others in public. And, others are watching her. But, there are many people in the restaurant that never stared at her. They don't know her. Most of the people in the The Good Place most-like don't remember her from the first set down meeting.

The ones that wanted to fly never paid much attention to Eleanor picking up trash. One lady does talk to her. But, most people are having fun in the air.

Theory: People in The Good Place do not understand that they could be creating problems for the world around them. They do what they want to do. This is because most of Michael's time is with Eleanor.

Theory: Other Good Places have already been ruined by the people in it by now.

Is Eleanor The Problem?

Do I believe that Michael sees Eleanor as a problem? No. He wants help from her. He does not want more problems in his life.

Theory: Eleanor will be working on helping others with their problems. There will be even more problems that happen.

Theory: Eleanor will have to take over for Michael because Michael is not suppose to live in that neighborhood. Also, this will be the price of staying in the neighborhood.

Troubling Episode

I noted this episode with 6s. I think this episode for the foreshadowing of troubling times to come for Michael and Eleanor. There might even be something about demons.

I say demons because I still think The Good Place is part of The Bad Place. Just, The Good Place has people who are nice enough to help out each other. And, everyone eventually helps others with their problems.

Michael has little control over an issue that should work itself out for him.

Eleanor is an outsider that knows little about making the Michael happy.

Michael wants everyone to be happy in his world. He does not understand how real people act or interact with others. In fact, he is not even suppose to live there in that neighborhood.

The event were Michael and Eleanor play skee ball and sing could be the last time they are ever happy in this way.

Theory: From now on they will have to work harder to get the moments where they are truly happy.

Theory: Michael will be forced to understand others quickly. Although, he will still not understand anyone who is evil because he has never been around evil people.

Theory: He will want to protect the people of his neighborhood from evil.

Theory: I think an evil is coming to the bad place. I don't think it is Eleanor. Eleanor might have to help out everyone. And, I still think that Michael will be banished from the neighborhood.

Theory: I think that The Good Place citizens need to understand what they can do to keep the neighborhood free of strange activity.

Character not yet seen

I think there are characters that tell the people in The Good Place that it is alright to do bad things. IE that one couple thinks it alright to have sex with multiple people. Who taught them that?

The people in The Good Place are given a SOUL MATE. Why would anyone want to have anyone but their Soul Mate? Everyone else would be a bore.

Theory: Someone is saying that this is alright to do in the good place. Even if this is alright in The Good Place, why would anyone who has found their soul mate care to do anything that is such a waste of time with other people.

- Poof: Chidi wants to see Eleanor in the first episode. He does not care that Michael in the room. Later, he teaches her how to be good in hopes that she is still his soul mate. He does not know about another Eleanor at this time.

- Proof: He puts up with Tahani and Jianyu/Jason because he cares about Eleanor.

- Proof: Tahani will do anything to keep her love Jianyu/Jason happy. She even puts up with Chidi being there with them.

- Proof: Eleanor changes the way she thinks and acts so that Chidi can be in her life. She even makes friends with Tahani to empress Chidi. She is not doing this for Michael.

There has to be some evil person or demon -like person spreading lies about being bad is alright in The Good Place.


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